You’ve been using for a while now, and the cash is already flowing in. A survey in the morning and some background internet sharing before bedtime — your path to the extra buck is set in stone. And, of course, you’ve also given our referral program a go to maximize your income.

But are your invitees doing their best to stack it up for themselves and you? Some sure are, while others might need a little push. 🙂 Today, we’ll spill the beans about a new feature that will inspire everyone to use the app. It’s the Poke, an exciting addition that lets you pep talk folks with GIFs!

Check out this video to learn more:

What Is Poke?

Poke emerged from our team’s desire to help our community be stronger. We wanted an in-app twist that lets you all communicate and motivate each other to keep earning. At the same time, we wanted it to be a more personal kind of interaction with your referrals specifically that burns the bridge of silence between you.

The best way to do that? We let you send them fun GIFs in response to their Pawns activity! Have they been completing tons of surveys and cashing out frequently? You can now thank them for their efforts! Because each withdrawal they make earns you money, too!

But the Poke feature isn’t just for the most active users. We’ve also included a feature for those who might be taking it easy on their earnings. You can ‘poke’ them with a GIF that reminds them of their earning potential and encourages them to keep going. And remember, the GIFs always come with a positive message, regardless of a person’s performance.

Into the Ins and Outs of It

How does this bonding over brief animation work? Well, for starters, you need to open Then, you follow the next few steps:

  • Go to the Earn More tab (1) and tap on Invitees (2). The tab is located at the top and leads to a list of everyone who started using Paws through your referral link.
  • You’ll see a purple Poke All button (3A) at the bottom of the screen, which allows you to send GIFs to all your invitees at once. However, you can also tap on a specific account (3B) to get a better sense of its activity.
  • Details about the person’s activity levels, their payments so far, and when they joined the app are listed here. You can also see how much they’ve earned you, which can help you figure out who deserves some poking. To surprise them with a GIF, tap the Poke invitee (4) button.
  • Before you can finalize your action, the app lets you take a look at the GIF you’re about to send and the message that goes along with it. Both are automatically selected based on their activity. Dedicated earners get chipper thank you GIFs and notes, and those who need inspiration get inspired.
  • To send the GIF, tap on Poke (5) at the bottom of the screen. You can poke an invitee once in 24 hours. After all, you want to be a gentle source of inspiration, not an animated frustration!
  • If your message goes through, you’ll be notified about the successful delivery. If not, you can always try again!

So, that’s how the Pawns app Poke works. All clips are super cute and fun—they exist to motivate, not bring people down. The hope is they can cheer them up!

More About the Pawns Referral Program and Its Benefits

Encouraging your invitees to keep earning with Pawns is excellent for helping everyone make more money. But, of course, you can always go back to the old ways of helping our lovely family grow and earn in the meantime! So, let’s take a step back and pay a brief tribute to all the good stuff the referral program offers.

Referral Link – a Clicky Way to Wealth

Sharing your referral link with people has been an option since the early days of the Over time, our team has made it easier to do this, letting you reach many contacts at once and saving you lots of time. To make things even better, you can now estimate the earnings made if someone joins Pawns through your link. Know your potential, and plan for the future, they say!

Unique Video – the Pawns Excitement Measured Through Premade Clips

If you want to raise your referral game, try tickling the financial interest of potential Pawns users with a cool video. Our clip database houses lots of short clips about the app’s essence, and they’re packed with info! But the fun part is that you get to pair these with one more fun clip. All this is done automatically — your task is to click one button to start the process.

QR Code – a Snap, a Buck

Sometimes, you must leave the digital space to extend your reach and invite more people to the Pawns happy kingdom. Typing a long link into the search bar isn’t the favorite pastime of many, but a tiny QR code sure is scannable! And you can squeeze it anywhere the gazely stares have a life on their own! These codes are simply perfect for giving a dotty twist to public spaces.

Social Media Post – Get the Wordy Buzz Going

Crafting phrases might not be your greatest talent, but you still have something to say to future Pawns enthusiasts. If this is you, you won’t have to sweat a word for an invite again! Thanks to our pre-made short and precise messages, you can now spread the word about the passive income opportunities we offer in seconds! And you get to choose a fun background for your favorite invite to share quick info in style.

Track Your Referrals – Plan Your Next Move

Analyzing the data about your referrals through the Pawns site isn’t easy and takes lots of time. But don’t worry — we’ve found a great way for you to stay on top of your inviting strategy. You can now track everything through the app and pave your way to more cash with the help of useful insights! Access this info faster and speed up your earnings by choosing sharing methods that work for you!

The Reward Program Poke celebrates your friends’ excellent achievements within the app and gives them momentum when inert. But nothing melts the occasional ice like cold cash, which defines our reward program. And, of course, we believe in supporting your commitment and teamwork through the proper means, so here’s how we do that:

Rewarding your referrals: Your invitees get $1 the moment they join the app through your link, QR code, or post. They also get a buck on their first withdrawal and one more on their second one. That’s $3 in total, all for keeping the rustle of their new income stream alive! But since it’s you who brought them to the app, you also deserve a cute price.

Rewarding you: There’s $3 in store for your great efforts as well! However, your earning schedule is slightly different from that of your referrals: you get a dollar each time a referral makes their first, second, or third withdrawal. But that’s not all — after they hit their third cashout, 10% of their earnings goes to your wallet each time they make a new withdrawal, so the benefits are there!

Here’s how the two journeys look when fit in a grid:

MilestonesWhat your referral getsWhat you get
Joining$1 bonus
First withdrawal$1 bonus$1 bonus
Second withdrawal$1 bonus$1 bonus
Third withdrawal$1 bonus
All subsequent withdrawals10%

Ouch, That DOESN’T Hurt! Poke feels nothing like a sting. In fact, it’s more of a friendly flick into the sea of greens! Therefore, green up your friends and friends-to-be with a GIF of encouragement and remind them to keep shooting for those $5 and exceed them! And, of course, lead by example and stay faithful to your own five-dollar goals and the referral program! If you didn’t have enough time to finish a survey, the post-blog-reading minutes might do. Also, don’t forget to share your internet, complete quests, and use your points like a pro! With Pawns, there’s always something to do, and it all takes less than a minute.

Donata Tamulionyte
Donata Tamulionyte

Community Manager,

Donata is the heart and soul behind the community. As a communication wizard, she brings an exceptional blend of specificity, gentleness, and patience to her role. Donata has a remarkable ability to "read" people just from a few sentences, making her the perfect conversational partner for our users worldwide. When she's not building community connections, you'll find her singing, crafting melodies, and writing. Donata also loves animals and enjoys spending time analyzing their behavior and engaging in training.

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