How Our Partners Use Your Opinions and Bandwidth

Surveys help businesses get valuable feedback which allows them to refine their existing products and services. Your opinion helps them improve brand loyalty, develop better marketing strategies, and meet their target audience’s needs. Also, our partners use your internet connection to access the web from your location. In other words, you help others see the internet from the perspective of real users – without censorship or location restrictions.

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How Survey Data Helps Our Clients

Market Insights

Both small and large businesses use surveys as they can generate more vital information than other data-gathering methods. This information provides accurate, real-time market insights which can help companies develop more efficient marketing strategies and improve brand perception.

Customer Engagement

Surveys are an excellent engagement tool as they allow customers to share their thoughts and opinions. On the other hand, businesses get valuable information while also improving their reputation as a brand that cares about customer input.

Market Trends Tracking

Understanding current trends can help businesses get ahead of the competition. Surveys offer a cost-efficient way to track current trends and the targeted audience’s needs and wants. This valuable data helps companies develop and market products that meet these requirements.

Demographic Data Gathering

By using surveys, businesses can gather accurate information from particular audiences. Each survey can include specific questions regarding age, gender, location, employment, marital status, income, and other information to help further understand the consumer base.

Product Development

Surveys offer the most efficient way to determine how customers perceive a product or service. Gathering this feedback is essential for developing and marketing products and services that appeal to the target audience.

Lead Generation

People of all ages enjoy answering questions, especially if they are relevant to their interests. Once a business determines its target audience and customer profiles, it can develop surveys to inform potential customers about new products and services.

Customer Satisfaction Monitoring

Every company needs to know how its customers perceive its brand. Gathering feedback via surveys can help businesses identify any problem areas in customer service. Recognizing any issues makes it significantly easier to improve the overall experience as necessary.

Brand Identity Development

Regardless of the industry, feedback gathered from surveys can positively impact brand authenticity. By understanding how consumers perceive the brand, businesses can make better branding decisions to appeal to their target market more efficiently and boost brand loyalty.

Saving Time and Money

One of the key benefits of surveys is their cost-effectiveness compared to other methods of gathering feedback. Unlike asking questions in person or via phone, survey deployment and data collection are automated. This saves time and cuts costs, enhancing productivity.

How Unrestricted Internet Access Helps Our Clients

Corporate Intelligence and SEO

By using our network, businesses can gather accurate market data in real-time without restrictions. This data offers valuable insights to improve operations and secure growth.

Brand Awareness and Protection

With unrestricted internet access, companies can gather and analyze market-related data without being blocked or misinformed. This data is a valuable asset that provides businesses with a competitive edge.

Ad Verification

No business can afford to ignore malvertising and other ad frauds. By using authentic IP addresses from all over the world, businesses can access the internet from their clients’ perspective and ensure each ad campaign reaches the right audience.

Software Testing

App testing is often a tedious task requiring different resolutions, operating systems, and connection types to cover. Access to IPs worldwide helps developers improve their testing flow and ensure their software works as designed.

Content Distribution

We’ve all seen the infamous message saying, “This content is unavailable in your country.” By borrowing someone else’s IP, our system helps our clients surpass these limitations and enjoy content without any restrictions.

Market Research

The price of goods, digital products, and subscriptions often vary from one country to another. Our system allows clients to take advantage of the best deals for all sorts of products.

Talent Sourcing and Acquisition

With working at home becoming the new normal, businesses rely on online recruiting more than ever. Thanks to web scraping and unrestricted access to worldwide talent, companies can save time and money.

Buying Limited Edition Items

Exclusive merchandise and special editions are often extremely hard to get. Whether it’s the latest console or a brand new pair of sneakers, our system can help you get to the front of the line.

Social Media Management

Businesses often operate multiple accounts to promote their brand. However, most platforms frown upon or strictly prohibit this practice. With a countless number of IPs, our system helps circumvent these restrictions.

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