Turn Your IPs or Apps Into Revenue With Pawns.app SDK

If you own or manage ISP IPs or you own an application, Pawns.app allows you to create a reliable revenue stream by sharing these resources on our network via the Pawns.app SDK!

How to Monetize Your IP Addresses or Apps With Pawns.app

Hundreds of thousands of users worldwide share their internet connections with Pawns.app and get paid for it. Here’s all you need to know!

Easy setup

Our support team can help you get set up and implement our solutions to monetize IP addresses or Apps quickly and efficiently. We’ll provide in-depth instructions so you’re ready to start earning as soon as possible.

Resource monitoring

Joining Pawns.app grants you access to a personal dashboard that contains all the essential information. You can check your revenue and review activity with just a few clicks!

No fine print

If you decide to monetize unused IPs with Pawns.app, there’s no need to read between the lines. We pay $0.2 per GB regardless of your or your users IP address type, location, and the number of IPs you decide to monetize.

How Does Pawns.app Use The Network

Security is a top priority for Pawns.app. All network traffic is monitored 24/7 so you can lease and sell IP addresses with us without worrying about any fraudulent activity. Each client goes through a thorough verification process before being granted access, and we review every case individually. This way, we ensure maximum security and privacy protection for our network and every ISP, company, and individual that shares IPs with us.

Here are the most common usage cases for Pawns.app.

SEO and Market Research

Using authentic residential IP addresses in different locations allows clients unrestricted access to information for efficient web scraping, market research, and product development.

Social Media Management

Companies can take advantage of our proxy network to avoid geo-restrictions and platform limitations to promote their brand, products, and services, along with safer automation.

Content Access and Delivery

Certain IPTV, streaming, and VoIP platforms are geo-restricted. Our network allows clients to access this restricted content and enjoy internet access without any IP-based limitations.

Improved Online Privacy

Certain clients just need a different IP address to anonymize their online activity, avoid censorship, prevent tracking, and protect their sensitive information.

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What the FAQ?

Pawns.app allows you to monetize unused IP/ISP/IPv4/IPv6 addresses that you or your app users own, as well as used IP addresses. Our worldwide network rotates the requests from our clients among the available IPs as needed. The more IPs you share, the more traffic you’ll make. Regardless of the number of IPs you share with us, we pay a fixed rate of $0.2 per GB of traffic.

Check the most common usage cases above.

Yes, you can add or remove IP addresses as needed. There’s no minimum or maximum number of IPs you have to comply with.

No. Our system encrypts all the data to keep our clients and your infrastructure private. Pawns.app has no way of monitoring sessions that were not generated through our network.

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