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Pawns.app is dedicated to providing earning opportunities to people around the world.

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Our Story

Our international team behind Pawns.app built the platform to enable anyone in the world to earn money with minimal effort. Although it was initially developed as a unique network that helps businesses and individuals access the internet without censorship, we decided to expand it into a full money-making app. Today, our users can earn cash, gift cards, and cryptocurrencies by completing surveys and sharing their unused bandwidth with us. We’re thankful to our users for their support and we’re looking forward to growing together!

Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping people around the world afford a happier life by effortlessly earning passive and active income on their schedule. We seek to unlock unlimited ways for everyone to earn money in their free time. By doing so, we aim to make a positive impact and contribute to income equality and a much more fulfilling life for our global community.

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