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TOP 10 Best Paid Medical Surveys Online

TOP 10 Best Paid Medical Surveys Online
Donata Tamulionyte

Donata Tamulionyte

Last updated - September 7, 2023

One of the best ways to earn passively is through online medical surveys. They are for individuals with some medical expertise or background, only take a few minutes, and can help supplement your income. Even though many medical survey platforms exist, some will compensate you better than others. This article highlights the best-paid medical survey sites in 2023.

10 Best Paid Medical Survey Sites

Learn the top-paid medical survey to help you earn some extra cash. In some, you don’t need to be a healthcare giver to qualify. Even consumers and patients can participate in these surveys. The survey sites mentioned below are reputable and trustworthy, with user-friendly interfaces. So, which platforms made the list? Take a look.


The first app on the list is, a legitimate site that lets you earn in two ways. The first one is by taking surveys. Download the app and choose the surveys you wish to participate in. It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet system where you can answer as many surveys as you want.

Most surveys only take a few minutes, but others are more in-depth and can take longer. According to the company’s website, taking about 10 surveys daily can earn you $70 a month. Although not much, this is enough cash to cover minor bills in the house. Moreover, the good thing is that these surveys are so easy that you can take them while taking your morning coffee, before bed, or during your morning commute if you use public transport.

The other way to earn through is by sharing your internet. After downloading the app, it will run in the background and sell your extra bandwidth to others. One device can make about $10 per month. Don’t worry about your data, as the app is very keen on privacy. It doesn’t access your information. In addition, people who will be using your bandwidth have to agree to continuous surveillance to ensure they aren’t using your internet to participate in illegal behavior.

2. InCrowd

InCrowd is another excellent platform for medical surveys. This site specializes in micro or short-form surveys in that they only ask you a few questions. As such, it’s easy to take these surveys on phones and tablets. They’re great for busy healthcare givers as they’re quick, and the platform is user-friendly. You can get surveys focusing on various healthcare professionals, including physicians, dentists, hospital administrators, nurse practitioners, veterinarians, and psychologists.

Registration is pretty simple. The site only needs your general information, such as address, name, email, and professional details. Once you’re registered, you can start taking surveys. The site pays through cash or gift cards, and you can cash out once your balance reaches $25.

3. All Global Circle

Here is a legitimate site that conducts market research surveys in the healthcare industry. Compared to most medical surveys, it’s quite stringent, but the pay is definitely worthwhile. The site is very strict about verifying your identity and profession, so approval may take a few days.

Aside from earning money from surveys, you can also gain a bonus if there aren’t any surveys to participate in in the first 90 days of joining the site. In addition, you can also receive a summary of everyone’s results to see how your opinions differ or are similar to those of other healthcare givers. Note that identities are kept confidential. 

The downside is that only healthcare professionals from the U.S., France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and the U.K. can register and participate in these surveys. The site is especially interested in rheumatologists, oncologists, cardiologists, pulmonologists, gastroenterologists, and neurologists. Ensure you respond to requests to participate in surveys because you won’t get a bonus if you don’t. 

Depending on how active you are, you can make about $10-$250 per month. While not enough to buy a Tesla, you can save the cash for your yearly vacation. Keep in mind that the site lacks a mobile app, but you can use it through a web browser on your phone or computer.

4. Curizon

Curizon is part of Toluna, one of the top market research providers in the research industry. They allow medical care providers to share their knowledge and opinions by answering surveys. The data they submit influences the development of new drugs, medical breakthroughs, and the latest treatment studies.

Curizon is open to medical staff, including nurses, dentists, pharmacists, physicians, and veterinarians. Since physicians specializing in cardiology, pulmonology, rheumatology, and other specific areas are in short supply, those are the ones with the higher opportunities of getting more surveys. That said, all medical professionals can sign up. You will need to submit generic information such as name, date of birth, email, phone number, and address.

After registering, you will start receiving survey invitations within 48 hours. If you prefer to receive the survey through text messages, you can. The pay is good, with some surveys paying as much as $8. In addition, every month, a new member wins a $250 bonus. Sign up, as you just might be the lucky winner. The money you earn from the surveys is credited to your account, where you can choose to either get paid in cash or through gift certificates.

5. My Medical Panel

My Medical Panel is another great platform for medical professionals where you can earn up to $6 per survey. The site accommodates different types of practitioners, including nurses, physicians, dentists, chiropractors, lab managers, and osteopaths.

Signing up is easy. You can either create an account by downloading the app and registering or through the website. After registration, you will start receiving surveys to answer and earn money. The sign-up process is flexible, and the survey topics are tailored towards your interests, ensuring you only participate in surveys you have expertise in.

Another benefit is that you can participate in surveys taking as little as 10 minutes to some speaking engagements that take about half a day. It all depends on your availability. Plus, the website lets you know the average time a survey will take so that you can decide whether to participate or not.

Aside from earning through surveys, you can make money by referring other physicians to the platform. They have two payout channels. One is through virtual prepaid cards (Mastercard or VISA card) or gift cards from major brands like Starbucks, Amazon, Apple Store, Walmart, Target, and eBay.

6. M3 Global Research

This is a certified medical survey platform with more than 2 million registered physicians globally. There are many surveys available to members. Once you register and log into your account, you will see all the surveys available on the dashboard. The platform also sends emails to members to alert them of survey opportunities.

You can only answer surveys specific to your expertise, which can limit the number of surveys you can participate in. When starting a questionnaire, you will answer specific qualifying questions to proceed. If you don’t qualify, the site lets you know so you can move on to the following survey.

Surveys take about 20 to 30 minutes, and you can earn between $60- $300 for every hour you spend on surveys. Users complete these surveys over the phone, online, or face-to-face. In-person opportunities require members to travel to specific locations. After the survey, you’ll get a check. However, face-to-face surveys are pretty rare.

While this platform invites medical professionals from all over the world, you have more earning opportunities if you’re from the U.S., Australia, the U.K., and certain European countries. The registration is more lengthy than most survey sites. You have to provide your photo I.D. plus details about your profession. Completing this step is crucial to verify your specialty. You will also provide your phone number to receive a confirmation code to affirm your registration.

7. MDforLives

This medical survey platform allows medical professionals to answer straightforward questions and earn from them. According to MDForLives, participating in these surveys allows the major players in the healthcare industry to develop advanced products and services.

After registration, you will be invited to participate in surveys. Just like M3 Global Research, you must first answer qualifying questions to determine if you’re the person for the survey. Members can earn between $50 to $500 per survey, which is pretty significant. The lengthier the survey, the more the payout. In fact, you can complete one survey every week and earn a lot at the end of the month.

To participate in their surveys, you must be a medical care provider and a legal resident of countries like the U.S., Germany, Canada, Spain, India, and France. Aside from participating in surveys, you get access to their healthcare blog, which is quite insightful. And if you’re interested in continued medical education opportunities, you’ll find this platform quite helpful as it offers courses.

8. OpinionSite

OpinionSite is one of the most established medical survey platforms with good payouts. The platform is open to both consumers and medical professionals. The registration process takes about 5 minutes, where you provide your name, phone number, email, birth year, and password. Once that’s done, you become a member and can start participating in surveys.

Based on whether you have joined the consumer or medical professional panel, the platform will offer you surveys based on your interests. You can decide whether you’ll be receiving the surveys via text, email, or both. Different healthcare professionals can participate in the medical professional panel, including physicians, nurses, medical residents, image technologists, pharmacists, and hospital administrators.

You earn points by participating in surveys. According to the site, 1,400 points are equal to $1, and you can start redeeming points after achieving 14,000 points. Once you earn enough cash for a payout, you can choose different ways to receive your rewards. The most common is through a gift card that one can use on online stores like Amazon and Best Buy. The other alternative is cashing out through a check, which you will receive by mail. This takes a few days.

9. ZoomRx

ZoomRX is a consulting partner popular for its easy-to-use interface. By answering surveys, members provide insightful data to pharmaceutical companies. The surveys are easy, and you can even record your responses if you don’t have the time to type your answers.

The app is available to Android and iPhone users, making it accessible to more people. After answering the questions you qualify for, you receive your payout, which can be instant through PayPal or monthly checks. ZoomRX has a charitable mission where you can donate part of your earnings to the platform. The money goes towards helping patients from developing countries receive medical treatment.

The pay is slightly lower than some platforms mentioned above. ZoomRX pays an average of $1 per survey. Therefore, you’ll want to answer as many surveys as possible to earn a significant amount. The surveys take 10-15 minutes, making it easy to participate in multiple surveys. While it’s open to many healthcare professionals, they have more opportunities for neurologists, psychiatrists, and oncologists.

10. MedSurvey

Just like OpinionSite, MedSurvey isn’t just limited to healthcare professionals. They also have surveys for patients to understand the medical world better. These surveys create interactions between manufacturers and users of healthcare products and services with the goal of shaping the industry.

One survey takes roughly 15 minutes and earns you about $15- $140. Health professionals, such as therapists, podiatrists, nurses, technicians, and psychologists, can participate in these surveys. As a doctor, you qualify for a study based on your niche and, as a patient, based on your condition. That means the earning opportunities aren’t many, but still a great way to earn that extra cash.

How to Maximize Your Earnings From Online Medical Surveys

As you can see, while medical surveys are a great way to supplement your income, you won’t always qualify for all surveys. So, how do you ensure you earn as much as possible from these platforms? Here are some ideas:

  • Register with different platforms to spread out your chances of earning cash.
  • Answer questions accurately to increase your credibility. This increases your chances of getting access to high-paying surveys in the future.
  • Be strategic with the surveys you pick. Check out their rates as well as the time commitment they need.
  • Watch out for bonuses and referral programs, as those earnings can boost your overall payout.

Common Challenges in Earning Through Medical Surveys

It’s not all roses when it comes to medical surveys. There are a few challenges you will encounter with these surveys. Some of them include the following:

  • Limited Opportunities: As mentioned, to participate in a particular survey, you must meet the qualifications. For instance, you may log into your account and find over 60 surveys on the dashboard, but you only qualify for about three or even one. This reduces your earning opportunities at the end of the month.
  • Time Consuming: You also need to participate in many surveys to earn a significant payout. Considering that you already have a job and other engagements like hobbies and family, you may not have enough time to do many surveys a day or a week.
  • Scam Potential: Today, many sites promise to pay you for participating in surveys, but not all are legitimate. Some collect your data, and others even ask for registration fees. Be careful when selecting a platform. The above are credible and a good starting point for anyone interested. Before registering and submitting your data, do some research to ensure you won’t be a scam victim.
  • Not a Main Source of Income: Because of the challenges mentioned above, paid medical surveys can’t be your primary source of income. They’re a good way to supplement your income and earn extra cash for your bills. But even for the highest-paying platform, the money isn’t enough to be your only source of income. Simplifying the Earning Process

If you’re a medical professional looking to make a few extra bucks, healthcare-related surveys might seem attractive. However, they require high attention levels, and you may not have the time to complete them. 

With, the surveys are quick and easy. You can complete them while waiting for your restaurant order or on your commute! Additionally, who will say no to passive income from internet sharing? Certainly not a smart individual like you!


What challenges might medical professionals face when taking medical surveys?

The main challenge medical professionals face when taking medical surveys is the lack of time and opportunities. You must participate in as many surveys as possible to earn a significant payout, which can be challenging if you don’t have enough time.

What specific skills are beneficial for participating in medical surveys?

The specific skills beneficial for participating in medical surveys include good communication skills, attention to detail, and knowledge of your niche.

How do medical surveys compare to the earning opportunities on

When comparing earning opportunities to other medical survey platforms, the former takes the lead. Why? On, you get multiple earning opportunities. You can earn through medical surveys, sharing your internet with others, and referring people to the platform.

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