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Join the Black Friday Game for a Chance to Win $50!

Join the Black Friday Game for a Chance to Win $50!

Everyone’s favorite time of the year is here, and so is the Black Friday game! This year, we’ve decided to do something special and have some fun with our community. lets users earn money from the comfort of their couch, so we thought, “Why not share this with as many people as possible?” Thus, the idea was born!

How to Join the Black Friday Game?

Our referral program is as old as itself. As many of you know, whenever a person registers on the platform with your referral link, they get a $1 bonus, and you get 10% of their earnings whenever they make a withdrawal.

Recently, we’ve added another bonus many of our users might not know about. When one of your referrals makes their first withdrawal, you also get a $1 bonus! In other words, sharing your referral link pays off even if you don’t end up being one of our lucky winners!

So, how does this tie in with our Black Friday game? It’s simple. All you need to do to participate is share your referral link wherever you can think of. You probably have friends, neighbors, or family members who might be interested. You can also use social media, forums, Discord, emails, or anything else you can think of – the only limit is your creativity!

Who Can Participate and What Are the Rules?

We wanted to create a game both our existing and new users could participate in. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a user since day one or you started yesterday – everyone can play! The objective of the game is to have fun, generate some buzz, and win a prize if you’re lucky!

The rules are simple. Share your link as much as you can and wherever you can. Tell people about and help them set it up if needed. The three users who get the most people to join through their referral link will win $50 each! It’s that easy!

Finally, the game starts on Monday (November 21st)  and ends on Black Friday (November 25th). We’ll contact the lucky winners via email and announce it on our social media!

What if I Don’t Win?

Even if the prize slips away from your fingers, playing the game with us is still worth it. Our referral program can still make up for the time you put in! As stated above, when the new users make their first withdrawal, you get a $1 bonus along with 10% of their earnings.

In other words, if you get just 34 users to sign up and start using long enough to make their first withdrawal, you’re looking at $51 in referral earnings! Obviously, you’ll get 10% from their earnings as long as they keep using and making withdrawals. Everybody wins!

Game On!

Remember, the Black Friday game starts on Monday (November 21st), so go get your referral link! If you’re not a member, click below to join. You can get it from the dashboard or by generating one in the app. Share it far and wide, and see you on Black Friday when we announce the winners! Good Luck!