You’ve heard about Pawns but are still deciding whether to try it. It’s scam time out there, so you’re tippy-toeing around the app with a few pressing questions. Can you make some money? Even if that’s possible, how does the withdrawal process work? How long is the interval between installing the app and feeding your wallet crispy cash?

Today, we have all the answers you need! Your earnings can and will reach the other side of the cashout experience, and you will spend them as you wish! So, let’s get down to business! All the info you need about getting paid is squeezed in the lines below – read on and earn some bucks!

When Can You Withdraw Your Money?

Most people interested in the app want to know when to cash out. It’s a legitimate question, and we approach it with transparency. The minimum payout amount is $5. Therefore, once you make five dollars, the cash is yours, and you can choose between various payment methods to withdraw it! 

For the record, the minimum withdrawal amount is the same for all payment options (we will discuss these later in the text). Also, it’s a sum that’s easily achievable. Fill out a few surveys, share some of your internet (background sharing is an option, too!), complete your quests, and enjoy your earnings!

We’d also like to share that, so far, the average daily earnings per user have been $12. That’s more than enough to fill in some boring gaps between vacations! But, of course, you need to stay loyal to the Pawns earning possibilities we just mentioned. To inspire you in that regard, we’ll tell you that in 2023, we paid our users $3.8 million!

This video covers all info you need to know:

How Can You Claim Your Earnings?

The dollars are piling up, and you’d like to finally use them to treat yourself at the mall, the cinema, or elsewhere. So, you ask how to withdraw your earnings. The answer to this question is simple: open the mobile app and tap the Request Payout button! The money will be yours.

We understand that, sometimes, using a PC is more convenient. That said, those who prefer bigger and broader screens can request a payment in the Pawns website dashboard. If this is how you’d like to roll, simply choose your country from the menu and select your favorite payment method. Once you do that, the instructions that follow will guide you to your goal.

Our users have been able to withdraw their money easily since the app’s dawn. However, the total sum paid to our loyal tribe during the last month is staggering. In the past 30 days, you, our users, have cashed out $424,935,81! Now, that’s a number that is too long, but one you do want to read. And it keeps growing.

What to Do When Your Payout Is Running Late?

You can finally cash out, so you do. But the money still seems to be far and away. You start to panic, asking yourself what’s going on. The short answer? Probably nothing. If you haven’t gotten your payment after requesting it, don’t fret. Instead, give it time to get in your hands and make your day!

Remember, depending on the payment method you’ve chosen, it might take a while before you can start enjoying your earnings. Bitcoin payments can take from 24 to 72 hours, so plan some fun activities for the waiting period! Similarly, PayPal payments usually arrive anywhere from 24 to 48 hours after a request has been made. Therefore, patience is the best and final answer to the initial stress of not receiving your money in a second.

Giving your payment time to make it to you is usually enough in this situation. However, if it’s been days since your request and you still haven’t received your money, you should contact us. To do that, email us at [email protected], and we’ll take a look at the situation. Or you can contact us here. If there’s a problem, we’ll do everything possible to fix it so you can get paid shortly!

Which Payment Methods Are Available in My Country?

At this point, you know you can make cash with the app, but you’re not sure whether you can cash out. One more short answer: of course you can! Pawns supports three excellent payment methods: PayPal, Bitcoin, and gift cards. This means you can give your earnings the shape you prefer and decide whether you want cold cash, crypto, or the benefits of a voucher.

Unfortunately, not all payment methods are available everywhere. The options vary depending on the laws and regulations of specific countries. However, we are always looking for ways to bring you all our offers. As soon as something becomes available somewhere, we add it to the list of available payment methods! To see which payment methods are available in your area, check out this blog post.

At the moment, Bitcoin is the favorite method for most of our users. It’s an option available in each country where the app is available, and it’s also the only way to cash out in 27 countries. Visa is the second preferred method (201 countries), followed by PayPal (111 countries) and Amazon (14 countries).

And if you’re a Pawns user living in the USA, you’re lucky. Here, you can choose between 54 methods to get paid! But wherever you might live, and no matter how you want to cash out your earnings, an extra buck in your pocket can make a difference. 

Read more about the payment methods available with Pawns here.

Where Can You Get More Tips About Using the App?

Generating passive income can be challenging sometimes. But don’t let that upset you—we’ve got you covered! If you are experiencing any issues with the app or your payments, you can always visit our Help Center. There, you’ll find many answers to questions on different topics (they’re sorted into groups for easier navigation!).

Alternatively, you can message us at [email protected] if you need help with something super specific. We’re always here to sort out any app-related problem you might run into and advise on maximizing your earnings. Drop us an email anytime, and we’ll be happy to reply to you promptly!

Would you like tips from people spending their pastime like you are, making money with Pawns? In that case, join our online communities! Leave a comment on our YouTube channel (135k subscribers) or see what’s popping on our Instagram (67k followers). Short clip enthusiasts might enjoy connecting with our TikTok tribe (53k followers), and you can also join us on Discord (24k followers) or post something for our Reddit folks (4k followers).

Earn With No Doubts About Your Payment!

There’s no need for doubts to disturb you on your journey. Now that you know the answers to these big questions, you can download the app and earn joyfully. Can you make some money? Yes! Can you withdraw the cash? Yes! And can you get support if you get stuck somewhere? Absolutely! So, earn freely and boost your overall income! And how can you earn again? By completing surveys, sharing your internet, following through with your quests, and staying tuned for any updates we might add to the app! Also, don’t forget about the referral program, for it can grow your Pawns wealth even further. And, of course, visit our site often — we always have exciting news to share! Until next time!

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