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How to Shop on Amazon for Free

How to Shop on Amazon for Free
Donata Tamulionyte

Donata Tamulionyte

Last updated - February 10, 2023

Buying on Amazon is convenient, but there’s no better feeling than getting free stuff. There are quite a few money-saving tricks you can use and several different ways to get a few freebies along the way. From sellers willing to trade products for sincere reviews to passively earning gift cards, here are all the ways you can get free items off Amazon!

Five Ways to Get Free Stuff on Amazon

Since it’s the world’s most popular shopping website, people usually don’t need any encouragement to use Amazon. However, knowing you can get a freebie or two along the way definitely doesn’t hurt. Let’s begin!

Use the Amazon Vine Program

Not many people know about Amazon Vine. It’s a program that invites trusted reviewers to write reviews of new products, sometimes even before they’re released. The goal is to help regular shoppers make informed decisions. Amazon supplies you with free products and ensures the sellers can’t reach you and influence your review.

Amazon Vine is an invitation-only deal, unfortunately. The platform invites shoppers who consistently leave useful reviews and have an expert reputation in specific product categories.

Find the Right Facebook Groups

Certain Facebook groups also offer free Amazon products in exchange for in-depth reviews. If you’re really lucky, you might find a group that simply gives out freebies to its members to clear up the inventory! Before you pick one, make sure to read the posts and look for user opinions to see if you’ve found the real deal. Many of these group work through reimbursement – you buy something on Amazon, show them your receipt, and get your money back.

Take Advantage of Free Offers

Amazon also has quite a few freebies available to anyone, including free Kindle books and audiobooks, free tracks on Amazon Music, and free 5 GB of cloud storage on Amazon Drive. You can also get a free Amazon Prime trial for 30 days and gain access to free shipping and services like Prime Reading, Video, Music, Amazon Photos, and more!

Use Third-Party Review Websites

Certain websites out there like AmZDiscover and CashBackBase can help you get free or heavily discounted products in exchange for Amazon reviews. In this case, you’d be dealing with sellers directly, so apply caution – some of them will want to trade their products for positive reviews only. Websites like Tomoson work on a similar principle and send you free products for review and promotion. To make it worth your time, you’ll need a fairly strong social media presence.

Get Gift Cards from

Unlike the options mentioned above, this method works for everyone and doesn’t require you to jump through any hoops. All you need to do is sign up for, share your internet through our desktop or mobile app, and get paid in Amazon gift cards. Make sure you take advantage of our affiliate program to earn even more! When you request a withdrawal, pick Amazon gift cards (if available in your country) and go treat yourself or someone you care about!

Shop Away!

While there are several different ways to get free items from Amazon, some are significantly easier than others. These tips are a great starting point, though. Just make sure to get your internet connection to make money for you with while you look into other options!

Donata Tamulionyte

Donata Tamulionyte

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