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Earn More With the Latest Feature Update!

Earn More With the Latest Feature Update!

A lot has happened since our last update. We introduced Shawn the Pawn, organized some games and contests for our community, and so much more!

In that time, our development team has been working hard. After all, we just want to make better for each user, wherever they are. Today, we’re going over all the changes in the latest feature update and what they mean for you!

New iOS and Android Versions

Our last feature update focused exclusively on Surveys. This time, we went a bit beyond. User feedback is really important to us, so we believe you’ll love these changes! Both iOS and Android versions of feature some improvements you don’t want to miss:

  • In-app payout options

Until now, our users had to visit our dashboard to send us payment requests. Not anymore! Whether you prefer Bitcoin, gift cards, or cash, you can now request a payment straight from the app.

  • Enhanced surveys algorithm

The new surveys algorithm will definitely make earning easier for everyone. All users will get more surveys from now on! On top of that, they’ll be more customized to fit the profile of each user. To get your personalized surveys, all you need to do is fill out the qualifying questions!

  • Stability and quality improvements

Although some things are going on behind the scenes, that doesn’t mean they’re less important. Our development team also made some general quality improvements so the app will be more stable and offer a better overall experience.

New Referral Bonus Game

We also developed a brand new referral game to make things more interesting for our users. The rules are simple. Whenever you successfully invite 10 new users to through your referral link, you’ll get a $1 bonus! As soon as the new members share 500 MB of data and complete at least one survey (not including qualification surveys), a coin will be added to your game card!

Remember, each person who joins us through your referral link gets a $1 bonus straight away. In addition, once they request their first payment, you get a $1 too, along with 10% of their earnings FOREVER!

New Handy Referral Sharing Guide

If you’re looking to make the most of our new referral bonus, then this one is for you! We took the time to put together a detailed guide on sharing your referral link over social media, popular chat apps, and more! You can download it from our Media Kit page or the app’s Invite Friends section.

Make Sure You’re Using the Latest Version!

We hope this latest feature update makes your time with us more profitable and more fun! Finally, don’t forget to get the latest version of for your device. You can do it on the Google Play Store, the App Store. If you need a version for another platform, just visit the dashboard. Happy earning!