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10 Ways to Boost Your Summer Savings and Not Get Burned

10 Ways to Boost Your Summer Savings and Not Get Burned

It’s almost summertime! The weather feels hotter, the days are getting longer, and we’re all switching to lighter clothing. A lot is changing – that’s how the summer magic works. However, some things should remain the same even in the scorching heat. Staying frugal is one of them.

The euphoria of the vacation season makes us loosen up. When that happens, we tend to forget about our long-time efforts to save money. Expenses seem more real when we’re curled up under our winter blankets! However, they won’t evaporate in the hot sun, so we thought you might use some tips to boost your summer savings. Read on!

1. Create a Summer Budget

Overspending is never your ally but becomes your full-blown enemy during the warmest months. Therefore, your number one goal for the season of heat is to create a summer budget plan. Will you be playing volleyball on a faraway beach or cooling yourself off in the shades of museum artifacts? Try to answer questions like these!

Once you know your agenda, you can start planning the dos and don’ts of covering your expenses. Note that when budgeting for the summer, you should also put some money aside for unpredictable costs! That’s the only way to enjoy the freedom this time of the year inspires you to crave.

2. Spend The Summer in Your Hometown

Strolling around the streets of your city might not be your first idea when the desire to master the tides of salty waters hits you. However, it’s a fun way to spend July! If your budget doesn’t allow for a deluxe vacation, unpack your suitcases and plan your staycation!

Contrary to popular belief, our hometowns can be a great source of entertainment. There might be a new neighborhood worth exploring or local attractions fantastic to relax by. And when the evening casts the daytime heat away, you can go home, happy that you don’t have to pay for a hotel.

3. Start Gardening

Gardening is excellent, and it makes saving money a piece of cake. When temperatures rise, gasping for fresh air between the four walls of your room isn’t synonymous with leisure time. So, put your working gloves on, and plant a few eggplants! Peppers are delicious, too, so you can grow them as well!

Apart from letting you enjoy your at-home nature delights, your new hobby might even pay a few of your bills! After all, you’re not the only one looking for a cucumber to bite on during dog days! But you’ll save some cash on groceries even if you keep the harvested fruits and veggies for yourself.

4. Shop for Off-Season Apparel

Managing expenses doesn’t have to be complicated, even if there’s a clothing store that’s almost like your second condo. Guess what? You can buy off-season clothes and still grant your flamboyant, stylish personality an accolade! All it takes to do that is a bit of discount hunting and lots of window shopping.

As the spring ends, old apparel goes on sale, letting the lighter pieces overtake the store displays. And while you might be tempted to stuff your cart with new clothing, it’s the sales you don’t want to miss. So, don’t! For the record, you should also be on the lookout for price drops of other seasonal items.

5. Do Housework Smartly

Boosting your summer savings has everything to do with your summertime home management habits. Do you close your blinds when the sun knocks on your windows? Are you eager to dust off your outdoor cooker once the air smells like watermelons? Things like this deserve more of your summerly attention. 

If you use an air conditioner, setting it between 72 and 78 degrees should make your place pleasant to dwell in and lower your electricity costs. Caulking your windows and doors and washing the laundry in cold water will do the same! Other things like washing your car and mowing the lawn yourself are also cost-effective.

6. Camp on a Budget

Camping trips are an excellent way to reconnect with loved ones and indulge in summertime activities on a budget. So, cancel the expensive reservation at the Plaza, and hit the closest mountains! Give the chirping birds a chance to lullaby you at night, and wake up to the sound of rustling trees!

Before you set your tent in the wilderness, pay the local food shop a quick visit. You’ll need some groceries to survive the night parties by the campfire! Also, you don’t want to eat out at fancy restaurants nearby the forest while trying to save cash. Therefore, take your favorite fruits, veggies, and snacks into the wild!

7. Party Without Breaking the Bank

Staying in a party mood at 104°F is not impossible! Is there a concert, play, or other free summer events on your community’s calendar? Ask around, and unleash your cultured inner royalty without spending a penny! And the best thing is you can take your friends and family.

Planning for events like these is super easy. Drop your favorite folks a message on Facebook to see if they’re available for such an adventure, and find your best pair of sneakers. Then, search your wardrobe for the most festive attire, and you’re ready to make new acquaintances and learn something new.

8. Exercise Outdoors

The summertime is perfect for light-intensity exercises. You can do anything that makes you happy and doesn’t exhaust you! For example, you can go for a quick bike ride to tone your muscles. If you have any errands, this is the vehicle to take with you! 

While we often associate the month of August with sunbathing, you can also spend it swimming at the local pool. Moving alongside the pleasant water bubbles can help you stay healthy and thrifty! And if you need more summer money-saving hacks, we have an extra one for you. Cancel your gym membership, and do squats outdoors!

9. Buy a Reusable Water Bottle

Staying out in the heat can make you thirsty. Say you’re far from home, enjoying that you can exist under the blazing sun and trying to save some money along the way. Then, you start feeling an unquenchable thirst burning in your throat. You reach out for your water bottle, realizing you don’t have one. Ultimately, you hit a nearby store, spending your money on water.

Believe it or not, this is the horror that many summer enthusiasts go through. We know you don’t want this to happen to you, so stick to your saving goals, and get yourself a reusable water bottle. It’s cheaper in the long run and better for the environment!  

10. Leave the TV off

The title of this section is pretty self-explanatory. If you want to boost your summer savings and not be a sweaty couch potato, take the remote control and turn off the television. Your upcoming electricity bill won’t be impossible to pay. You’ll also grant your eyes a break from pixelated videos.

The sun is out there, waiting to give you a free melatonin boost, so leave the movie marathon for later! Remember tip number eight? Well, whenever you get an urge to stay in front of the TV, think of all the things you can be doing outside, and do some of them!

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