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Donata Tamulionyte
Donata Tamulionyte

Last updated - February 2, 2024 is a global survey app that helps users make extra money in their free time. It offers paid online surveys from third-party companies looking for your honest feedback. It’s safe, it’s easy to use, and most importantly, it pays!

What Happens With Your Answers

Your answers are super important for brands that rely on surveys for fresh and accurate market data. If the survey is taken by the right people, it’ll provide crucial information for their business, whether marketing optimization or product development.

This is why market research companies pay to hear what you think. Now, let’s dive deeper into how works. The more surveys you take, the more you help us develop your profile and increase your earnings by providing tailored surveys for you.

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That’s because not all users get the same number of surveys. That depends on your personal information, such as age, gender, nationality, and location, and the unique needs and preferences you share while answering the surveys.

It’s how we know you’re the right person for a specific survey and brand. The brand gets the information it needs, and in return, you get paid.

IMPORTANT: If sometimes you get rejected in the middle of the survey, it’s because you’re not the right fit for that survey. While we have no direct control over it because it depends on our partners and their needs, we still provide compensation to thank you for your time!

The surveys are more than just region-specific, but we do all we can to provide as many earning opportunities for everyone regardless of their location.

How Much Can You Earn With Surveys?

Each survey lasts a few minutes and pays $1 on average, provided you give honest answers. You can take as many as you want, as long as they are available in your region. The best part is that you can boost your earnings in many ways, such as sharing your unused bandwidth and inviting your friends to join the app.

But in order to finish the survey and even be eligible for it, you need to be honest about your age, gender, and other personal information.

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IMPORTANT: Always make sure to provide honest and genuine answers. Faking your information is not a way to increase your earnings.

You can find out more in this video:

How Long Are the Surveys? is known for its short and fun surveys, which won’t take you more than a few minutes to complete. Of course, if you want longer surveys, we also have that option. For example, the current champion is one of our US users. They earned $18.60 from a single survey that took almost two hours to complete. Well done!

Note: The highest-paying surveys are more specific, as our providers are interested in feedback from a particular group of people. Unfortunately, your chances of being disqualified from such a survey are higher. While a regular survey is worth less on average, you have a significantly higher chance of completing it successfully.

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We have different partners, so you’ll find different surveys. And since you can see how much time is necessary to complete a survey and how much it pays right in the app, it should be easy to make the right choice for you.


You can get paid after earning only $5, which is one of the lowest withdrawal thresholds out there. Now, isn’t that great? With all the ways to boost your earnings, we’re sure you’ll reach it quite quickly.

Payment options include PayPal, which is supported in 118 regions, Visa and Amazon gift cards, and Bitcoin, depending on your location.

Who Can Use

As a truly global survey app, we’re available everywhere, so everyone can use to make some side cash in their spare time. It’s free, it’s legit, and it’s easy to use. You just download and install it on your device, and you’re all set!

Stop wasting time and use to turn your spare time into cash!

Donata Tamulionyte
Donata Tamulionyte

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