We’re all hippity-hopping with a spring-ly gait and a summer-thirsty vibe. The birdies are getting a hold of the seasonal chirp. Brighter clouds are gently helping moodier ones butt out as the sun rays tickle the flimsy sprouts saying hi to the Pawns community and the rest of the world. Nature’s yawning after a long nap!

And as all around us becomes scenic, we get an organic desire to move and scream, and shout, and let it all out, thank you, Will.I.Am. So why not do that — and still stay politically correct — by hitting a music or art festival? With fresh beats, watercolors, and figures well-sculpted, here come the five most exciting music festivals in 2024.

Make sure to also check out our video with pricing and other fun facts about our top picks:

1. Lollapalooza

“Wave spaghett-fully to the nine stages for folks of almost all ages,” says 2024 Lolla. “Shake it off, my friend, as the metallic Chicagoan buildings balance the earthquake-y euphoria with their gracious stillness.” As the crowded Palooza talks to you, you wonder how long you should wave and shake it and carry your boo on your shoulders. Well, of course, for four straight days at the start of August.

This year’s lineup is a craze you don’t want to miss. Skrillex, Tyler, the Creator, SZA, and the other 170+ artists will have you leaving inch-deep buttprints across Lake Michigan’s shores as you gorge on Wind City’s culinary delights between riffs and courses.

2. Ultra Music Festival

If your ankles itch to dance more than your nose does because of March-triggered allergies, check out the Ultra Music Festival. March yourself (pun intended) to Downtown Miami for an Ultra-most experience with Adam Beyer, Tiësto, Amelie Lens, and other wonders of the music scene! The stage will be on fire, much like yourself and your company.

The light show pulsing through this spectacle’s beat is worth the guaranteed temporary blindness. But the fun doesn’t stop once you get hypnotized and slightly dizzy — chances are high that a gigantic spaceman will somehow pop out and boob you with his hologram index finger! Yes, the spring is always loud and flashy in Florida!

3. Burning Man

Continuing with the flamy vibes from Miami’s UMF, here’s a crackling idea: bead yourself in the crowd circling Burning Man’s wooden man! It’s an act of freedom and also a peaceful rage against! The most exciting festivals in 2024 nurture a sense of unity. This August-through-September fiesta, however, offers that and MUCH more. Here, you can express yourself creatively and shift your surroundings into an on-flick city that reflects your inner truth!

If your sandcastles were always more Michelangelo-coded than those of your friends, this could be the perfect event to dress up the playa with an art installation. And you can go bananas — join a multicultural camp or one that’s Christmas-themed midsummer. The built-upon-inclusivity Burn turns stigmas to ashes, no matter what.

4. Tomorrowland

The tribal pink and the ancient blue of Tomorowland’s fairytale-like scenery mesmerizes. Here, the color of life itself infuses your soul. The castle of all castles stands firm on the ground, fortressing the happiness of hundreds of thousands from the comfort of the mundane. Here, tucked in between the 16 vibrant stages, the highest tides of human joy splish and splash to the rhythm of EDM.

This year’s lineup “stretches from” the great Aaron Hibell and XiJaro & Pitch, the beloved trance duo. And that is only for the first weekend. On weekend #2, David Guetta will build momentum as fireworks underline his magnificent performance. Once your legs get all flimsy and thin, bites and cushions are available in Dreamville!

5. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

‘Tis time to quench your thirst for music, you empty-humped camel! And where, if not at the Coachella, Cali’s best desert extravaganza. This year, we can hear Lana Del Ray and Blur frying their vocals across the vast green land of the Empire Polo Club. And there’s also a femme fatale, a woman, woman, woman, winning the stage with her intriguing moves (Doja Cat)!

At this festival, the blast never ends. There’s so much to do before the main event—you can play squid games, compete to win a VIP pass, and even see-saw! Who doesn’t want to warm up before world-class celebs have everyone spinning round and round like Beyonce once did?

Guide on Surviving the Most Exciting Festivals in 2024

Wherever your music tastes lead you, building a study festival muscle is essential. So, how do you do that? Here are some tips.

Before the Festival

Gather practical info: Read the visitors’ tips page on your favorite event’s site. What you can and cannot take to the festival is listed there.

Prepare a backpack: We don’t think you’d leave for a few-days-long spectacle without packing some essentials. Still, use this tip as a reminder not to arrive at the gates of a wild party with just a bumbag.

Pack your essentials: A warm hat for the night, toilet paper, sun cream, and a waterproof jacket are all paramount when at a festival, especially if you’re camping. So is a first aid kit and a phone charger or power bank!

Throw in anti-bac baby wipes and a hand spray: Farts and burps roam around the festival ground. Unfortunately, however, that’s not all there is, and what must not be named might end up on you, making wipes and sprays essential.

Get a tent: This one is pretty obvious, yet many people forget to bring one. The tent should be waterproof and well-ventilated, and someone should know how to set it up (you can go with a friend who does)!

Pack your sleeping bag: A synthetic one with a 0°C to -5°C rating should keep you warm at night, and bed bugs will not bite. Don’t forget to bring a sleeping mat and a packable pillow, too!

Bring extra clothes: Sweating like a piglet while drooling for your favorite artist from afar is part of attending one of the most exciting festivals in 2024. Embrace it, but bring an additional pair of shirts, socks, and undies to discreetly soak up the fruits of your frantic excitement!

Add some plastic bags to your luggage: You’ll need them. Your clothes will get wet and dirty, and taking your laundry basket is not an option.

At the Festival

Remember where your tent is: Use something to mark it so it stands out, and memorize what’s around it, or you might have to sacrifice precious relaxation time!

Define your meeting place: Walking around a crowded place can be disorienting. To ensure your crew’s safety, agree to meet by the main stage or somewhere fun in case someone gets lost or loses their phone.

Wear durable shoes: You’ll probably get someone’s furious foot on your shoe, which can hurt your toes and sneakers. That said, water-resistant hiking boots are a fantastic choice for such occasions.

Drink water: Festival strolls and cheering can be exhausting. Always have some water to refresh yourself with.

Eat: Food is attraction #2 at these events; you don’t want to pass out. There’s an abundance of it, so when you start feeling hungry, eat (don’t overeat, though)!

Here’s the Last, 128th Tip, We Promise

Earn some cash with Pawns, y’all! You’ll need money to navigate your festival experience, so give our surveys a chance. Don’t forget to look into our more recent additions, like the Quests tab and Spin the Wheel — the choice is yours. The sound of bucks is easy to dance to, so check out the application before you hit Lolla or UMF!

Jordana Bozhinova
Jordana Bozhinova

Copywriter, Pawns.app

Once an eighth-grade chemistry whiz, Jordana is now a BA in Psychology, hoping to one day tread through the fine weave of the psyche professionally. Chemistry still excites her, but not more than physics or music. Personal growth and authenticity are always on her to-do list, and she'd like to see the world's pendulum swing in that direction, too. A fan of creativity and innovation, Jordana enjoys learning, understanding, and chic clothes. Who says self-exploration can't be fabulous?

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