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Is the Safe to Use

Is the Safe to Use

Everything we do these days is online. Our PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones became an extension of ourselves. However, the internet is no stranger to numerous fraudulent activities, from identity theft to people who steal private data. Since there’s no way to imagine living without the internet, our constant online presence opens us up to these threads. In this article, we’ll examine the service with a focus on privacy and safety.

Is It Safe to Use the and Should You Join?

As we all know, mobile data is a precious commodity these days. If your internet service provider offers a limited data plan, you know how expensive crossing that line can get. On the other hand, if you have more bandwidth than you need or you’re blessed with a flat-rate connection, you could sell it and make some extra money. This is where the comes in.

How Protects Your Privacy

In short, is an app for Windows that turns your internet connection into a source of passive income, lets you earn money by participating in surveys, and more. After signing up with, you download the app. That’s it! You can leave it running in the background and go about your business. The dashboard keeps you informed on how much traffic you “sold”, how many surveys you’ve completed, and how much money you’ve earned.

Now, you may be worried about allowing an app to use your data. What happens to it? Where does it go? These are all reasonable questions. Most people wonder, “Is safe?” To ease your mind, we’ll explain how the service works, who’s using it, and what kind of data goes through the app.

Security Is a Priority – Not an Option

We made sure to cover every base in terms of privacy, so you can use our software without worrying. The app itself has no access to your storage and does not gather any personal information. We only use the data needed to make the service work – your IP address, network speed, and location. All traffic is fully encrypted, so there are no compromises in terms of privacy. Even your survey answers are 100% anonymized! We don’t bundle any additional software with the installation, and the app itself contains no ads.

What Happens With Your Data

The next thing you may be wondering is how our trusted partners and clients use your internet connection and survey answers. Surveys are pretty straightforward. Your answers help our partners gather feedback, recognize trends, and more. This information helps them improve their existing and new products, expand to new markets, etc.

By sharing your data, you help our business partners access the internet and see it through your eyes. This is essential for various purposes, including:

  • Business intelligence
  • Search engine optimization
  • App testing
  • Content delivery
  • Brand protection
  • Ad verification
  • Market research

If that sounds like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, you’re not alone. What does this mean? Well, unobstructed access to the internet and genuine feedback are crucial for many businesses and individuals.

Companies, marketers, and researchers can use your bandwidth to access the internet from your perspective. This way, they can avoid geo-restrictions and IP-based blocks, gather accurate online data, and more. They can use the information they gather for market research, product development, website testing, and more.

Surveys are not much different. By answering questions, our users provide our partners with fresh market insights and the latest trends. This data is used for product and brand development, marketing optimization, and similar purposes.

Final Thoughts

No matter how you decide to use, you can rest assured that your data is safe 24/7. All traffic and survey answers are 100% anonymized. More importantly, our team monitors the network around the clock to ensure our users and partners stay protected. Over two million users worldwide already trust us. Click the button below to become one of them!