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How to Get Free Fortnite Skins

How to Get Free Fortnite Skins
Donata Tamulionyte

Donata Tamulionyte

Last updated - March 28, 2024

With over 350 million registered players, Fortnite is one of the most popular online games at the moment. The game gets regular updates, seasons, celebrity events, and other new content to keep things fresh. Picking up the basics is straightforward, so it’s pretty easy to pick up a play even if you’re not a seasoned gamer. On top of that, it’s 100% free!

6 Ways to Get Free Fortnite Skins in 2022

While the game is free, it still generates a lot of revenue thanks to skins and other features you can get for V-Bucks, the in-game currency you pay for with real money. While the developers offer some free Fortnite skins every now and then, most of them can get really pricey for most players. Here are several ways to get your hands on a few skins without spending any money!

Limited-Time Events and Special Quests

Fortnite hosts limited-time events, special quests, and cups in each season, offering players a chance to earn cosmetic items in the game before they become available to everyone in the item shop. The most recent one was the Chica cup on May 5th, 2022, where players were able to earn the Chica skin for free.

PlayStation Plus Bonuses

If you play the game on a PlayStation console and have a PS Plus membership, you will get a chance to obtain some free Fortnite skins from time to time. Last year, Sony treated its Plus users with a free Sultura skin as part of the Celebration Pack. These packs become available from time to time, so make sure to keep an eye out.

Fortnite Crew

The Fortnite Crew is a monthly subscription model that costs $11.99 and offers several rewards for players, including a free skin and matching cosmetics. Each Crew Pack also contains 1,000 V-Bucks, Battle Pass access, and some other goodies like special loading screens.

All the skins you get through Fortnite Crew are exclusive, and you can’t get them anywhere else. If you’re a passionate Fortnite player, the subscription is a no-brainer since it also offers access to the Save the World campaign and Spotify Premium.

The Battle Pass also allows you to get some free Fortnite skins by progressing through its levels. Battle Pass users also get exclusive access to in-game challenges, which sometimes offer skins as a reward.

Challenge Packs

Fortnite’s item shop also features challenge packs that cost from $6 to $12 and include some cosmetic items and skins. Players also get access to special challenges, which gives them a chance to earn 1,500-1,600 V-Bucks if completed successfully.

Amazon Prime and Twitch

An Amazon Prime account gives you access to Prime Gaming. This service offers freebies for different games, including free Fortnite skins every now and then. Twitch is another platform to keep an eye on, especially if you follow popular Fortnite streamers since they also occasionally offer Fortnite skins and other goodies. Once you link your Epic account with Twitch, you can redeem these items in the game.

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Donata Tamulionyte

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