Your Golden Ticket to Bigger Earnings Is Here – Discover the Earn More Tab

Your Golden Ticket to Bigger Earnings Is Here – Discover the Earn More Tab
Jordana Bozhinova
Jordana Bozhinova

Last updated - February 7, 2024

Hold onto your seats, loyalists! A brand-new wave of excitement is sweeping through, and it’s bound to supercharge your experience. Over time, as we’ve grown, evolved, and celebrated every user and every shared referral, we felt an electrifying urge. An urge to do more, to be more, for YOU.
So, what did we do? We thought outside the box. Merged innovation with simplicity. And voilà, the Invite tab transformed into the Earn More tab!

earn more tab 1

What Is the Earn More Tab?

This isn’t just a change in the name. It’s a revamp, a more intuitive layout designed for our community’s convenience –  housing four dynamic ways to invite and earn: referral links, unique videos, QR codes, and the social media posts.

Imagine a cockpit of a futuristic spaceship, filled with state-of-the-art tools designed for one sole purpose: MAXIMUM IMPACT. That’s precisely what the Earn More tab feels like. A universe where every invite isn’t just sent but celebrated, every share isn’t just noticed but adored.

It simplifies the process of inviting friends, offering intuitive tools like sharp referral links, captivating videos, striking QR codes, and custom social media posts. Whether you’re online or offline, this revamped tab ensures your invites are not just sent, but celebrated.

In short, it’s your ultimate toolkit to make every referral stand out, ensuring each share is memorable and rewarding. Dive in and let’s make referral magic together!

1. Referral Link – The Old and The New

In the past, sharing your referral link was straightforward: post it on social media or send it directly through messaging apps. But now, we’ve turbocharged the process.

With the new update, not only can you expediently dispatch your referral link straight via message or email by enabling contact access, but you can also simultaneously reach multiple contacts, saving precious time.

And here’s the best part: get an instant estimate on potential earnings each time you share, providing a glimpse of what’s in store if your invitees decide to join the family. It’s a smarter, faster, and more lucrative way to refer!

referral link sharing

2. Unique Referral Videos

Every single day, our enthusiastic users generate and share thousands of unique referral videos. It’s not just a feature; it’s a movement! And guess what? We’ve kept its essence untouched because when something’s so widely adored, why change?

Continue to craft your one-of-a-kind referral video, flaunt it across all social media platforms, and be a part of this massive wave. Need a quick refresh on how it works? We got you!

3. QR Code – A Modern Twist

Dive into the futuristic realm of referrals with our scannable QR code! Imagine this – your referral link isn’t just confined to online screens; it;s everywhere, drawing attention in coffee shops or any bustling spot you can think of. Simply print out your unique QR code, place it where the world can see, and watch as curious eyes scan and hop aboard the journey.

It’s not just about sharing; it’s about turning every corner of your world into an invitation to join our thriving community. Elevate your referral game, bridging the digital and physical worlds like never before!

QR poster

4. Social Media Posts – Customized Invites

Ditch the hassle of drafting the perfect invite – we’ve done the heavy lifting for you! Our new feature provides pre-generated images and texts that are short, catchy, and get straight to the point.

No more second-guessing about what resonates; just pick what resonates with you. Once you’ve chosen your favorite combo, seamlessly integrate your referral link into the social media copy, and there you have it – a tailor-made invite that’s both engaging and effective, ready to make waves!

social media post

5. Track Your Referrals

No more hopping over to the website to check on your referrals. With our upgraded feature, you can save that precious time and get a real-time overview of your referrals, round the clock, straight in the mobile version of!

Wondering which referral method packs the most punch? Dive into the data to uncover which of these fantastic features garners you the most sign-ups! It’s all about working smarter, not harder. Dive in and discover the difference for yourself!

Ready, Set, Elevate: Your Earnings Await!

So, family, this is your clarion call to dive deeper, explore wider, and soar higher. Immerse yourself in the Earn More tab, invite with flair, share with gusto, and let the earnings rain! The stage is set. The curtains have risen. Are you ready to steal the show?

Jordana Bozhinova
Jordana Bozhinova


Once an eighth-grade chemistry whiz, Jordana is now a BA in Psychology, hoping to one day tread through the fine weave of the psyche professionally. Chemistry still excites her, but not more than physics or music. Personal growth and authenticity are always on her to-do list, and she'd like to see the world's pendulum swing in that direction, too. A fan of creativity and innovation, Jordana enjoys learning, understanding, and chic clothes. Who says self-exploration can't be fabulous?

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