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Top 10 Countries With the Highest Average Salary in the World

Top 10 Countries With the Highest Average Salary in the World
Jordana Bozhinova

Jordana Bozhinova

Last updated - May 7, 2024

Have you ever wondered which place in the world grants you the most tees, coffees, and vacations per wage? Do you often daydream about living a life of abundance and getting paychecks that match your skills? Well, you’ve come across the blog that will give you the info to make your dreams come true!

We, too, want you to succeed and afford all the beauty life offers, so today, we’ll spill the beans on the countries with the highest average salary in the world. Helpful tip: It’s better to sit in your comfy chair because you’re about to hear of numbers that could make you dizzy!

Check out this video for a more visual presentation:

10. The Netherlands – $4,581

If making a fortune in an office feets below sea level excites you, hit the Netherlands! This fascinating European spot of breathtaking windmills and canals can fill your pockets with more than $4600!

Highest-paying professions? Try being a psychiatrist ($159,600/year), lawyer ($106,400/year), compliance officer ($126,700/year, or surgeon ($138,000/year)! And with such salaries, the costs of living are bearable. With $4,600+ a month, you’ll afford a $16 quick bite, a utility bill of $240, and a comfy one-bedroom for about $1,400 a month.

9. Ireland – $4,665

Welcome to the country of racehorses, music, and dance!  In Ireland, you can get $50 more (or more!) for your invaluable services. That is especially true if you’re a chief financial officer ($127,800-$425,630/year), chief actuary ($148,970-$340,452/year), or sales director ($25,121-$158,997/year).

Yes, be a badass chief of sorts and white-mustache yourself with a $1.33 regular milk, sculpt your glutes at the gym for $50.47 a month, and then show it off in your newest Levi’s for $88.68!

8. Greenland – $4,665

Nesting yourself amidst the tundra and glaciers has never been so appealing! Greenland is among the top countries with the highest average salary in the world, and it sure deserves a place on this list.

If you can juggle big tasks, you could try your luck as a managing director ($143,266/year), director of accounting and finance ($106,257/year), or as a member of a company’s technical staff ($97,636/year). Sounds compelling? It’ll sound even better when you learn that your yearly income will cover for a $14.38 Big Mac & Coke combo, a kilo of onions worth $4.06, a $56.90 mobile data plan, and more!

7. Canada – $5,081

Ever dreamed of getting Niagara Falls dew on your fancy flat’s windows? With the country’s average monthly wage surpassing $5,000, your hydrating plans are perfectly achievable!

That is if you are a medical anesthesiologist ($391,568/year) who can snooze others safely, a cardiologist with a big heart ($386,757), or a surgeon not afraid to stitch it ($378,634). Holding one of these jobs will be more than enough for the $3.70 cappuccinos, $28.25 hourly taxi rates, and gasoline ($4.37 for a gallon).

6. Denmark – $5,642

The modern and baroque has never looked more attractive! If you want to move to Denmark, you’ll have a big salary blast as an IT and software professional ($132,816/year), thrive in the STEM industry ($130512/year), or grace the accounting and finance sector ($168,432/year).

Start earning a living there and cool yourself off with a $2.95 bottle of water, have a banana for $1.37, or rent a tennis court for $26.93/hour.

5. Norway – $5,665

Norway’s emerald-green forests and beautiful fjords are worth a visit or a longer stay. Everyone there can enjoy a decent wage, from college professors ($71,670/year) to physicians ($53,760-247,931/year) and bank managers ($60,847-210,696/year).

Do you wish to transfer your wardrobe and your best self here? If so, get ready to refresh yourself with $3.03 coke, buy a square meter of your new city center flat for $6,160.07, or hit the cinema for $13.67!

4. Iceland – $6,441

Want to stop running in circles and see the light at the end of the financial tunnel instead? If so, you’re an Iceland person. Surgeons there know the best cut-throughs in life ($100,152-347,064/year). The judges wiggle their gavels with ease ($79,596-274,920), and lawyers handle cases with pleasure ($71,520-246,936).

If you want a future in one of the countries with the highest average salary in the world, go here! Then, stretch yourself on the sofa of your rented one-bedroom ($1,714), and wear $148.22 Nikes or $175.50 business shoes!

3. United States – $6,455

New York or NASA? Don’t lose the hope of commuting to work with the American flag as a backdrop one day! Help life grace the planet as a gynecologist ($239,200/year), invest in the population’s mental well-being as a psychiatrist ($226,800/year), or be a nurse anesthetist ($203,090/year).

Whichever high-paying path you choose, a healthy lettuce salad will cost you about $2.16. Local transportation costs about $2.50, and you’ll need about $2,420.89 for a three-bedroom outside the city center.

2. Luxembourg – $6,633

Castles inspire you, and you’re also into multiculturalism. Then, Luxemburg is the place to build your life in. Imagine judging everyone in the courtroom for a whopping minimum salary, even after taxes ($300,156). Or, you could be a world-class surgeon ($107,712-357,756)! And if you want a lawyer here, the trial better be worth it (up to $242,796)!

Settling in this country grants you a kilo of potatoes for $1.61, a mobile monthly plan for $19.15, and an hour of loves and 15s at an excellent tennis court for $19.63.

1. Switzerland – $8,111

Say cheese! Switzerland is one of the best countries with the highest average salary! Polish people’s teeth white and sharp as an orthodontist ($287,978), or save lives at the operating table as a surgeon ($223,257). Or wrap up meetings on a note of progress as a CEO ($223,224)!

A loaf of fresh bread here? $3.41. The average cost of electricity, heating, and the like is $258.41. And a lovely Zara dress for when the summer joins you at the office? $60.72.

Make Your Wishes Come True!

Living abroad takes determination. But, considering one of these destinations is worth it if you want a comfy life. In the meantime, how are your savings doing? Are you slowly stacking it up for rainy days? What about your dream of moving to a country where doing what you love pays off – thinking of any strategies to finance your goals?

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Jordana Bozhinova

Jordana Bozhinova


Once an eighth-grade chemistry whiz, Jordana is now a BA in Psychology, hoping to one day tread through the fine weave of the psyche professionally. Chemistry still excites her, but not more than physics or music. Personal growth and authenticity are always on her to-do list, and she'd like to see the world's pendulum swing in that direction, too. A fan of creativity and innovation, Jordana enjoys learning, understanding, and chic clothes. Who says self-exploration can't be fabulous?

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