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Best Ways to Earn Passive Income With NFTs

Best Ways to Earn Passive Income With NFTs
Donata Tamulionyte

Donata Tamulionyte

Last updated - February 8, 2024

The world keeps shifting as exciting and inventive technology emerges to solve everyday challenges. Because of its secure network of shared ledgers, the blockchain system, for example, has witnessed immense development lately. The non-fungible token (NFT) market has profited from improvements in blockchain technology. Non-fungible tokens are digital possessions that one may trade online, powered by blockchain-based technology. NFTs have created a new universe of potential for investors seeking passive income.

While putting money into digital goods is not new, NFTs provide a distinctive advantage. They offer a safe way to procure and resell digital items without fear of deception or forgery. This makes them an appealing alternative for people seeking a passive revenue stream. People can, for example, invest in digital artwork, game trading cards, collectibles, and virtual land. NFTs have the potential to provide a steady stream of passive income without the need to manage any investments actively.

What Is NFT?

NFTs are cryptographic commodities representing control or ownership over virtual materials. These unique tokens are not redeemable for other tokens, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. They are also divisible, meaning a single NFT can be split into smaller components without changing value. There are numerous forms of NFTs on the market, including digital artwork and game assets. One may acquire and trade these tokens on various channels, making them an appealing alternative for speculators seeking passive income.

The market for such commodities has continuously risen, and more individuals are looking to NFTs as a viable investment option. Because NFTs are distinctive and people can easily acquire or transfer them, their value can rise as time passes. NFTs, unlike real-life items, have a specific coding on the blockchain, making duplicates impossible. To harvest passive income using NFTs, you must first understand how they function and the many investment methods available.

How Does NFT Work?

Non-fungible tokens work like any other cryptocurrency in that they are digital assets stored on the blockchain. Each token holds an immutable ID on the blockchain, allowing it to remain permanently linked with its owner, even if traded multiple times between different parties. The process begins when an artist or creator develops a piece of art or another non-fungible good. They then upload this creation as an NFT onto a decentralized platform which assigns it a unique identifier. The artist can later use this token to represent ownership of the asset, and they can either keep or sell it on various digital marketplaces.

When someone buys an NFT from one of these platforms, they receive its associated digital token confirming their ownership rights over that item. Simply put, the NFT works like a digital certificate of ownership and can verify that an individual owns a particular asset. If one sells, transfers, or trades the item, its associated NFT details will change accordingly. For instance, someone who owns an NFT can transfer it to another individual or use it as collateral for a loan. The NFT will remain securely attached to the asset and its owner, allowing them to prove ownership. Below are some reasons why NFTs are attractive to investors looking for a passive income opportunity. 

  • Unique Ownership 

Since each token is distinct and intimately linked to an individual asset on the blockchain, it is highly unlikely for anybody other than its lawful owner to access or change it without authorization. Relevent parties can also trace and verify the associated asset at any moment, making proving custody much easier in the wake of a dispute. 

  • Scarcity 

NFTs typically appear on the market in restricted quantities, and their scarcity attracts collectors because others cannot copy or counterfeit them. This confidence gives investors the option to purchase a precious and uncommon piece of digital art and a prospective store of wealth. 

  • Transparency and Versatility 

NFTs provide a high level of transparency as all transactions on the blockchain go on an open ledger that anyone can access. They are versatile and represent various digital assets, from artwork and collectibles to music. 

  • Potential for Value Appreciation 

The demand for rare or exclusive tokens increases their worth as more people seek ownership. If the asset represented by an NFT is in high demand or limited supply, this can drive up its value and provide investors with a valuable return on their investment. 

  • Access to a Global Market 

The global nature of the blockchain means that anyone can purchase an NFT from anywhere in the world. Therefore, traders have access to a worldwide market, enabling them to locate and acquire unique digital property anytime.

What Is the Difference Between Passive and Active Income?

Passive and active income are two very different types of earnings. Passive income, also identified as residual or portfolio-based earnings, refers to earned money by an individual or organization without actively participating in its production. Passive income earners depend on resources and operations that generate profit over time and require little work to sustain. Real estate investing, trading securities, dividends from equities and bonds, crowdfunding, and royalties from publications or artistic endeavors are some examples.

Active income earners are individuals who participate actively in production to earn money. They may work in a factory or office, perform freelancing or advisory services, or establish an enterprise. Active income usually necessitates greater effort and time than passive earnings, but it can frequently result in better revenues in the near term. For example, a doctor may earn more money in a year than somebody who trades in stocks but devotes a few hours each week overseeing their account.

Active income requires you to actively exchange your time for money, whereas passive income requires you to put in the effort upfront but does not require you to continuously trade your time for revenue. Passive income involves little or no effort and is typically more stable and consistent than active income because it is not dependent on an individual’s capacity or willingness to work. Individuals can devote their time and effort to other tasks or endeavors while waiting for investment returns.

An example of a platform that allows people to generate passive income is paid surveys. Here, anyone with an active internet connection can start earning right away with zero effort.

How Can You Build up Passive Income With NFTS?

NFTs offer an exciting opening for those looking to generate passive income. Investing in them can help you build a digital asset portfolio that appreciates over time. The multiplicity of the NFT market means that there are multiple ways to generate passive income.  

  • NFT Royalties 

Royalty collection is among the most popular ways to generate passive income with NFTs. Individuals that buy NFTs are often eligible for a portion of any future commodity sales. For example, if a creator develops a digital piece and distributes it as an NFT for $50, they can establish a royalty structure to get 10% of any further selling of that artwork. This means the creator can still earn money from their work even if they cease ownership. One will continue to receive royalties for as long as the NFT exists. 

  • Staking 

Another popular technique to create passive revenue with NFTs is staking. It entails storing monies in a virtual wallet and using them as collateral for a financial commitment. The system will reward the staker with a proportion of the total amount invested. Staking NFTs is a simple approach for earning passive income without actively managing financial assets. Staking rewards are frequently in the form of other cryptocurrencies, which may subsequently be transferred or traded for cash. 

  • NFT Farming 

NFT farming is a relatively new concept that involves offering liquidity to a pool of NFTs to generate passive income. It entails receiving rewards in cryptocurrency when anyone buys or sells them. Revenue will depend on how much money flows through the pool and other variables, such as buyer demand for particular NFTs. One can profit from price volatility but must understand market dynamics. 

  • NFT Rentals 

You can rent out your digital assets on platforms such as SuperRare, where people looking for short-term use of an asset will pay you a fee in exchange for access. This opportunity can be a great passive income stream, especially if you have rare or limited edition NFTs that fetch high rental prices. Real estate NFTs and Metaverse land are especially popular amongst renters. Some platforms enable you to create a store from which users may lease digital products. You can generate money by allowing individuals to access scarce or difficult-to-find digital items. 

  • NFT Index Funds 

NFT indexing involves investing in digital assets representing the entire market or sector, such as gaming, art, or real estate. It tracks the success of a portfolio by comprehending, identifying, and presenting NFT data. To make informed decisions about which assets to add or eliminate from your holdings, you must first understand the class of assets and market dynamics.

Summing up the Passive NFT Earning Ways

Non-fungible tokens offer a range of investment opportunities for those looking to generate passive income. You can make money with these digital assets in several ways, such as collecting royalties, farming and staking tokens, and renting digital items. You can also invest in an index fund of NFTs to gain exposure to multiple markets without actively managing each asset. With the right strategy and a steady income stream, you can easily make money with NFTs.


How do I earn passive income with NFTs?

You can earn through staking, trading, and creating digital content with NFTs. Staking involves locking up your assets to receive rewards from the protocol or network that issues them. Trading involves buying and selling NFTs for profit, while creating content with your digital art or music can be a great way to generate passive income from royalties.

Can I make money with NFTs?

Yes, you can leverage blockchains to create, buy and sell digital assets such as artwork or music. This can be a great way to generate passive income from NFTs by trading them for profit or through royalties on digital content.

Can I make an active income from NFTs?

Yes, you can earn an active income with NFTs by trading them for profit or creating digital content such as artwork or music. This venture will require more effort and research than other passive earning methods but may provide higher returns in the long run.

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