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7 Best Ways To Earn Passive Money in GTA Online

7 Best Ways To Earn Passive Money in GTA Online
Donata Tamulionyte

Donata Tamulionyte

Last updated - October 19, 2023

Everybody can agree GTA Online can be a fun-filled experience of mayhem and destruction. However, amidst the chaos lies the need for in-game money. The most desirable items in GTA Online are pretty expensive, ranging from luxurious apartments to aircraft hangars and everything in between. Fortunately, the world of GTA Online offers a plethora of opportunities to amass great in-game fortunes. This dynamic multiplayer game empowers you to dive into a thriving criminal underworld and engage in different activities to build wealth and power.

You’d think that making bank in GTA Online would require hours and hours of intense gameplay. However, surprisingly enough, the game also offers several ways to generate a passive income and steadily fill up your coffers without requiring constant player input. You can set up reliable revenue streams that accumulate over time by strategically investing in businesses, properties, and other income-generating ventures.

It’s essential to keep in mind that the world of GTA Online is constantly evolving. To succeed, you must adapt their strategies to the ever-changing circumstances. Whether you’re an experienced player or just getting started in building your virtual empire, it’s crucial to understand the most effective ways to earn passive income to take full advantage of the game’s capabilities.

What Is Passive Income in GTA Online?

In the world of GTA Online, passive income refers to the money you can earn without actively engaging in missions, heists, and other activities. It gives you a financial foundation to explore other gameplay options and purchase high-end items, vehicles, and properties. In other words, passive income in GTA Online allows you to generate a steady revenue stream without breaking a sweat.

Even though passive income can help create a considerable profit in GTA Online, it still needs an initial investment and occasional supervision to uphold its rentability. Furthermore, relying solely on passive income may not be the quickest way to amass significant wealth in the game, as missions and heists are known for yielding higher earnings. That said, a little effortless extra GTA money never hurts, and there are plenty of proven ways to get your hands on it within the game.

7 Best Ways To Earn Passive Money in GTA Online

So now you know you can get a considerable amount of funds in GTA Online, barely moving a finger. What’s next? Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to increase your in-game purchasing power or a newcomer seeking a reliable income source, the list below will give you in-game money-making tips and tricks you didn’t know until now. Without further ado, here are the top 7 ways to earn extra cash for your GTA Online adventures with little to no effort:

1. Nightclubs

When looking for the easiest way to generate loads of money in the GTA online space, owning a nightclub would be the way to go. This option allows players to make up to GTA$ 50,000 per in-game day — which roughly translates to 48 minutes in real life. Nightclubs are available for purchase on the in-game website called “Maze Bank Foreclosures.”

To maximize profits from your nightclub’s passive income streams, you need to grow its popularity through active gameplay first. For this, you can place posters across the city, distribute flyers in promotional areas, fly a blimp over a specific location, escort VIPs to your nightclub, destroy competitor reserves, and recover your stolen supplies from rivals. To keep your club’s popularity at sky-high levels without much active engagement, you can also invest in hiring a resident DJ. According to the GTA Online community sharing tips and tricks via Reddit, you can even get a 10% popularity boost every time you switch DJs.

There are two primary ways you can make passive income through nightclubs: 

  • Nightclub Warehouse Operations 

Once you’ve acquired a nightclub, you must set up various businesses within it to start generating income. Assigning technicians to cargo, sporting goods, and pharmaceutical operations — among others — will help you passively accrue goods over time. Your nightclub will generate income based on the accumulation of these goods. The more businesses you allot technicians to, the higher the passive income potential.

Regularly checking your nightclub’s warehouse is essential to ensure it doesn’t reach its maximum capacity. If it does, your technicians will stop accruing goods, and you’ll miss out on potential income. A pro tip is to sell your stock before it reaches its maximum capacity. Doing so will help you maintain a steady flow of passive income. 

  • Nightclub Safe 

Another helpful feature to make money as a Nightclub owner in GTA is the nightclub safe, which lets you accumulate cash from your nightclub’s regular income. You can find this secret in-game storage container in your nightclub’s office.

The nightclub safe has a limited capacity to hold cash, which is initially capped at GTA$ 70,000. However, you can increase it to up to GTA$ 1,700,000. by purchasing safe upgrades from the club management computer. As the nightclub safe fills up, you can collect the cash stored inside anytime.

Like the warehouse, the nightclub safe requires regular monitoring to prevent it from reaching its maximum capacity. Your nightclub income will stop accumulating until you collect the cash if the safe gets full.

2. Good Behavior Bonus

The Good Behavior Bonus in GTA Online is a feature that rewards players for following the game’s rules and guidelines. This feature encourages players to engage in fair and respectful gameplay, promoting a more enjoyable and cooperative environment within the GTA Online community. If you play nice, you can make up to GTA$ 2,000.

To decide whether you’re worthy of the bonus, GTA Online monitors your activity over a certain period. It focuses on different aspects of your in-game conduct, such as killing other players, wrecking personal vehicles, participating in criminal activities, and prematurely quitting jobs or missions. You’ll earn the coveted “Good Behavior” status if you avoid excessive aggression and disruptive actions. A few noteworthy details about the Good Behavior Bonus in GTA Online include: 

  • Frequency: You can receive your accumulated bonus at irregular intervals. The bonus is typically awarded based on sustained positive behavior over a certain period of time, such as 48 hours.
  • Behavior requirements: To qualify for the bonus, you must avoid engaging in activities that may adversely affect other players. 
  • Limitations: If you intentionally disconnect from a session or receive numerous negative reports from other players, your bonus will be limited. 

So yes, the Good Behavior Bonus is a great way to earn passive income in GTA Online. However, it can change over time as the developers improve the game. Staying updated with the latest news and announcements on the game will help keep you aware of your earning possibilities.

This video discusses passive income sources in depth:

3. Arcade

The Arcade is a property you can own and use as a hub for various activities and missions in GTA Online. You can earn up to GTA$ 5,000 per in-game day if you fill all the slots in the property. Arcades are available for purchase on the in-game Maze Bank Foreclosures website. Your Arcade will provide various opportunities to earn income, including arcade games and the exciting Diamond Casino Heist.

You can purchase and install equipment to improve your Arcade and make it your own. Doing so will require an initial investment but can generate additional income and provide gameplay benefits. You can also enhance your Arcade’s appearance and functionality. Upgrades include cosmetic changes, security enhancements, and better equipment that you purchase through the Arcade management computer. Just keep in mind these acquisitions often require an upfront payment.

To maintain a consistent stream of passive income, it is crucial to keep your machines in good working condition. You might need to replace or repair the games to ensure a steady flow of income. Once your Arcade is set up and running its games, you’ll begin to generate that much-needed extra cash. Your earnings will accumulate gradually, and you can access them through the safe located in your office.

When you visit the basement of your Arcade property, you will find a selection of arcade games to choose from. Every arcade game has a unique price assigned to it, which depends directly on the game’s popularity and potential earnings. Some games may be more expensive but offer higher income generation over time. When purchasing games, you should consider your budget and the potential return on investment.

GTA arcade games cover a range of genres and styles, catering to different preferences. Some common types of arcade games include: 

  • Racing Games: These games simulate thrilling racing experiences, allowing you to compete against AI opponents or even other players online. Examples of racing games available in GTA Online include “Race and Chase: Crotch Rockets” and “Race and Chase: Get Truckin’.”
  • Shooting Games: These games immerse players in action-packed scenarios where they must eliminate waves of enemies. These games often feature various weapons and power-ups. Examples of shooting games in GTA Online include “The Wizard’s Ruin” and “Badlands Revenge II.”
  • Classic Arcade Titles: These games offer a sense of nostalgia and can be a hit with players looking for vintage entertainment. Examples include “Invade and Persuade II” and “The Love Professor.” 

The earning potential of arcade games is tied to their popularity and the number of active machines in your Arcade. Generally, the more popular the game and the higher the number of players interacting with it, the greater the passive income you can earn. Upgrading your Arcade property can also boost the popularity of your games.

Your passive income from arcade games is accrued daily and automatically deposited into your Maze Bank account. The number of active machines in your Arcade may influence how much you make. Having a variety of games increases the chances of players engaging with them and ultimately boosting your earnings.

4. The Agency

In GTA Online’s The Contract DLC, the Agency — or Celebrity Solution Agency — is a property that serves as the central hub for cooperative heist-style missions led by Franklin Clinton. As an Agency owner, you can enjoy various benefits such as access to vehicle services that offer Imani Tech upgrades like the Missile Lock-on Jammer, Remote Control Unit, and Out of Sight Service. The Agency also features a shooting range and a Wall Safe to store your earnings securely.

While the Agency requires a significant investment of GTA$ 2,010,000 to GTA$ 2,830,000, it presents lucrative opportunities within GTA Online’s criminal underworld. There are four Agency locations for purchase in Los Santos: Little Seoul, Vespucci Canals, Rockford Hills, and Hawick. 

While choosing an Agency location won’t significantly impact your earnings, it could let you make a lower initial investment. If you’re looking to save money or are a savvy spender, the Little Seoul location could be an excellent option. It’s the most affordable Agency location, allowing you to keep a whooping GTA$ 820,000 in your pocket. 

For new players, it’s crucial to strategize and consider the locations of your other ventures when choosing an Agency. This prevision allows for smoother operations, minimizing travel time between businesses and maximizing efficiency for enjoying the game content, even when you might need to make a higher initial investment.

You can make passive income through the Agency in two primary ways: 

  • Security Contracts 

The Agency offers secondary missions known as Security Contracts, which players commonly pursue as they await a call from Franklin regarding the VIP Contract Missions for Dr. Dre. Initially, the base income is GTA$ 250. However, for every five Security Contracts completed, the minimum amount increases by GTA$ 500.

You can complete numerous contracts to increase your earnings substantially. However, further increases are not possible once you reach GTA$ 20,000 per in-game day. To earn that amount, you need to complete a total of 201 Security Contracts, including: 

  • Asset Protection
  • Gang Termination
  • Liquidize Assets
  • Recover Valuables
  • Rescue Operation
  • Vehicle Recovery 

While these missions do require active gameplay to a certain degree, they’re directly linked to the safe and, therefore, to your ability to earn passive income. However, GTA Online provides three different difficulty settings — Professional, Specialist, and Specialist+. Just keep in mind that the more challenging a mission is, the more money you can receive from it. 

  • The Agency Safe 

You can find this tool on the left side of the wall behind the chair at the office, just across the table. Because it is a passive income source, you don’t have to do much to generate profits from it. However, a newly established Agency Safe will generate up to GTA$ 250 per in-game day. Yet, you can increase this amount as you progress in the game.

5. Counterfeit Cash Factory

In GTA Online, you can buy one of four Counterfeit Cash Factories, each with its own location and pricing. The one in the Grand Senora Desert is the cheapest and most conveniently located. Because of its central location on the map, this plant is convenient to almost all of the game’s mission start points. The asking price is a reasonable GTA$ 845,000, making it an attractive option. 

The first step in establishing a Counterfeit Cash Factory is to buy a Motorcycle Club through the Maze Bank Foreclosure site and sign up as the club’s President. You can acquire the company by using The Open Road, a program available only on the dark web. Clubhouses cost between GTA$ 200,000 and GTA$ 495,000, and their installation is required before you can use that service.  

After purchasing the Counterfeit Cash Factory, it is essential to install its laptop computer. Using this tool, you can manage the company’s daily activities, like monitoring product sales, managing inventory, upgrading the factory, and shutting it down. Upgrading this valuable asset can significantly improve your revenue and production output.

Keep in mind that you’ll still need to go through a setup process to get the business operational. This typically involves completing one or more setup missions, which may include tasks such as stealing equipment, recruiting staff, and securing supplies. Once the setup is complete, you can start the production process. Still, you must hire and assign technicians to convert supplies into counterfeit money. Make sure to keep your staff happy to maintain optimal production levels.

To maximize the efficiency and profitability of your counterfeit cash factory, you can invest in equipment improvements, security enhancements, or staff upgrades. Doing so can increase production speed and reduce supply consumption. Additionally, it can protect your business from raids, where criminal organizations or law enforcement agencies may attempt to break into your factory and steal your supplies or product.

6. Bunker Business

Much like with other GTA Online properties, you can purchase your Bunker Business through the Maze Bank Foreclosures website on your in-game phone or computer. To set up your freshly bought Bunker Business, you can either steal supplies or buy them. However, the latter is more recommendable as it saves time and allows you to focus on other money-making activities. Bunkers can make you up to GTA$ 45,000 an hour and GTA$ 7,500 per unit. 

Staffing your Bunker Business with technicians is crucial for efficient production. You can assign staff to focus on manufacturing or research. Upgrading your Bunker’s equipment and staff will improve production speed, decrease supply consumption, and increase profit margins. Once your Bunker Business is up and running, it will generate passive income over time. As long as your Bunker has supplies, it will continue to produce weapons that you can later sell for profit. The passive income is accumulated in the Bunker’s storage and can be collected periodically.

Keep in mind that the Bunker business is most effective when combined with the Motorcycle Club or the Nightclub. These businesses can generate additional income and allow you to run multiple operations simultaneously. Protecting your Bunker is important to prevent raids from other players or NPCs. Investing in security upgrades will reduce the likelihood of raids and make them easier to defend. You can also hire security personnel to help protect your business.

7. Cocaine Lockup

The Cocaine Lockup in GTA Online is a business venture that lets Motorcycle Club (MC) presidents establish a lockup to produce and distribute cocaine. This passive income source requires an upfront investment for setup and upgrades. However, it can lead to substantial earnings over time. Because it’s s hands-off operation, it allows you to take part in other criminal ventures like the Cayo Perico Heist to make bank.

To set up your Cocaine Lockup, you need to access “The Open Road” in your MC and complete a mission to stack up goods to start production. If you start running out, you can always buy or steal more. The potential profit of your Cocaine Lockup varies based on upgrades, with the maximum payout being GTA$ 35,000 per hour.

If you’re looking for optimal convenience, locating your Cocaine Lockup at the Alamo Sea is the perfect choice. Positioned strategically in the center of the GTA Online map, it provides effortless entry to a variety of missions. However, it’s worth noting all Cocaine Lockups work just the same, regardless of the location you pick. The only real difference is the initial investment.

Other Alternatives To Earn Passive Income While Playing GTA Online

In addition to the traditional methods of generating wealth in the game, there are other alternative ways to earn passive income while enjoying the virtual world of GTA Online, including but not limited to:

1. Special Cargo Warehouse

Purchasing a warehouse and undertaking missions to source special cargo items from various locations is a great way to make passive income over time. You can gradually accumulate your warehouse stockpile and increase cargo value by storing more crates. Consistent management is essential for maintaining a steady stream of passive income. Additionally, upgrading your Special Cargo Warehouse can improve efficiency and profitability.

2. Hangar Business (Air Freight Cargo)

To get started making passive income through a Hangar Business, you’ll need to purchase an aircraft hangar and engage in air freight cargo missions. You’ll first need to source different types of cargo by flying specific aircraft to designated locations. Much as with the Special Cargo Warehouse, you’ll then have to grow your stockpile and increase the value of your cargo. When you’re ready to generate passive income, you can initiate a sell mission from your hangar’s computer and deliver the cargo to buyers. 

3. Weed Farm Business

You could also buy a Weed Farm and assign staff to oversee its operations. As time passes, your team will cultivate and process weed, which you can later sell to potential buyers for profit. It’s important to keep a stable supply of essential resources and monitor production efficiency. Once the weed is ready, you can initiate a sell mission from the farm’s computer and deliver the product to buyers. Upgrading the Weed Farm can boost production speed and profitability.

4. Document Forgery Office

Owning a Document Forgery Office enables you to produce and sell forged documents. To create passive income through this type of business, you can manage staff to create counterfeit documents. Doing so will help you balance production speed and costs. Once the fake documents are ready, sell them to interested buyers, generating passive income. Effective management and keeping a watchful eye on the market demand are key to success.

5. VIP/CEO Vehicle Work

As a VIP or CEO in GTA Online, you can access a variety of vehicle-related tasks that offer opportunities for passive income. These duties include missions like Headhunter, Sightseer, and Asset Recovery, which let you earn cash rewards without the need for active participation from other players. Each mission involves specific objectives, such as eliminating targets, collecting packages, or recovering stolen vehicles when you’re in between other activities or business ventures. 

6. Daily Objectives

Daily objectives are one ignored way of generating passive income in GTA, mainly because many players are unaware of its existence. You can earn a GTA$ 25,000 payout after completing the three daily objectives successfully. These duties tend to be short and relatively easy to complete, so you can take care of them in-between missions.

7. Become a Bodyguard

If you are lucky enough to be hired as a Bodyguard by an active VIP, you can be in an extremely profitable money-making scheme. As a bodyguard, you will assist the VIP or CEO in their activities or defend them against other players. By actively working as a bodyguard, you will earn a regular salary and receive additional bonuses for the successful completion of VIP/CEO work. As long as you are employed as a bodyguard, you will receive regular payments, making it a way to earn money even in your downtime. You can earn up to GTA$ 5,000 every 15 minutes as a bodyguard. 

8. Time Trials

In the game, you can participate in racing challenges called time trials that are located throughout the map. The goal is to complete a specific race within a set time for the opportunity to receive a cash reward. The reward amount depends on the difficulty of the time trial and your performance. The great thing about this income method is that you can attempt time trials anytime you want, on your own, without needing other players or participating in other activities. You just need to focus on improving your racing skills and beating the target time to get regular cash rewards.

9. Selling Cars

Owning a Vehicle Warehouse as part of the Import/Export business allows you to obtain high-end vehicles by completing missions. You can then store them in the warehouse and sell them when ready. To start making money, initiate export missions to deliver the cars to buyers. Maximize profits by exporting undamaged vehicles and selling multiple cars at once. Keep in mind that consistent management, sourcing new vehicles, and organizing the warehouse is essential, but once you have your business all set up, it pays off. 

10. Treasure Hunt

This special mission involves locating hidden clues and ultimately discovering a treasure chest. To start the Treasure Hunt, players must receive an email with the first clue. Following the clues, players search for various landmarks and locations until they find the treasure chest. While the Treasure Hunt itself does not directly generate passive income, it rewards players with a large cash prize upon completion. This cash reward can be considered a form of passive income, as it is a one-time payout for completing the mission. Players can use this money to invest in other income-generating ventures in the game, such as businesses or properties, to establish a more consistent and long-term passive income source.

11. Mug Players

Reaching the 50th level allows you to hire a thief to mug players by calling Lamar on your phone. The game involves the thief running over with a knife and robbing other players of valuable items and cash in their wallets. Any luck in getting these valuables can earn you some substantial bounties and a high passive income. However, keep in mind that getting caught means getting your valuables repossessed and might take away your chance to make more money.

12. Flight School Lessons

In GTA Online, Flight School Lessons offer an opportunity to improve your piloting skills and earn passive income. While the Flight School Lessons themselves do not directly generate passive income, successfully completing them unlocks various challenges and activities that can be lucrative. By mastering flight skills, you can enhance your performance in missions and activities such as air races, aerial stunts, or even working as a pilot for other players’ organizations. Engaging in these activities can lead to financial rewards and passive income, as you earn money for participating in or winning events. 

13. Epsilon Program

The Epsilon Program is a fictional religious cult within the game. To begin collecting tracts for them, you need to visit the Epsilon Program website and sign up. After completing the initial tasks, you’ll receive an email with the first Epsilon Tract location. The tracts are scattered throughout the game world, and collecting them requires exploration and following clues. Each tract collected will reward you with a small cash payment. Once you’ve collected all the tracts, you can return them to the Epsilon Program headquarters for a final significant payout. It’s important to note that this is a one-time income opportunity, and the Epsilon Program does not provide a consistent or ongoing source of passive income.

14. Freemode Events

These spontaneous activities offer opportunities to earn money in-between missions. However, they do require you to actively participate in certain activities and complete objectives for a monetary prize. However, it’s important to note that these events are not consistently available and may require other players’ involvement. To optimize your chances of earning passive income through Freemode Events, monitor the in-game notifications, gather a group of friends or other players to increase your chances of success, and be ready to participate when events are active in the game world.

Importance of Diversifying Income Sources in GTA Online

Besides ensuring a constant source of in-game passive income, diversifying your revenue sources in GTA has many perks. Some of the most relevant ones are:

Risk Management

Relying on a single source of income in GTA Online can be risky. The game’s economy is dynamic; occasionally, you can expect updates and changes. By diversifying your income streams, you reduce the risk of losing all your earnings if a particular method or mission becomes less profitable or obsolete. 

Earnings Optimization

Diversification allows you to tap into various income streams at the same time. This way, you can increase your overall earning potential. Different activities in GTA Online offer varying levels of making profits and potential investments. Start by identifying the most efficient and lucrative methods for your play style and allocate your time and resources accordingly.

Skillset Expansion

GTA Online has a wide range of activities. These include heists, missions, businesses, races, and more. Engaging in different income sources exposes you to diverse gameplay mechanics and challenges. This way, you can develop a broader skill set and enhance your overall gameplay experience, make you more adaptable, and give you a deeper understanding of the game’s mechanics and dynamics. The greater your skills, the higher your chances of earning more passively. 

Long-Term Motivation

Burnout and boredom result from being too dependent on just one activity which can negatively impact your motivation to play. Engage in other diverse income sources, which can keep the game fresh and exciting and prevent monotony. 

Opportunity Capitalization

GTA Online introduces new content and updates regularly, which is great if you’re constantly looking to gain opportunities for profitable ventures. By diversifying available income sources, you can take advantage of these opportunities. Whether it’s investing in new businesses, participating in limited-time events, or adapting to emerging trends, having a diversified income portfolio allows you to seize lucrative chances enabling you to maximize your passive earning potential. 

Benefits of Earning Passively in GTA Online

Effortlessly making money through different avenues in GTA Online has several benefits that can enhance your gameplay experience. Some of them include: 

  • Financial stability: Earning passively in GTA Online can help you generate a steady income without much mission involvement. You can use these gains to purchase properties, vehicles, and weapons and even start businesses that elevate your gaming experience. 
  • Flexibility: You can manage your activities according to your schedule. Doing so allows you to focus on other aspects of the game after setting up your business — such as missions, races, and heists. This flexibility gives you more freedom to explore the vast open world of Los Santos without feeling the constant pressure to earn money.

Time efficiency: Passive income allows players to earn money in GTA Online even when not actively playing. You save time and effort that you would have spent on constant grinding or completing missions.


Making passive income in GTA Online can be a game-changer for your in-game wallet. Remember, patience is key, and don’t forget to diversify your income streams to maximize your earnings. The guide above will get you ready to live the virtual high life without breaking a sweat! If you want to make some real-life money, too, try taking online surveys or selling your unused data through


What are GTA Online’s best businesses to invest in for passive income?

So many activities are available on GTA online to help you earn a decent passive income, including the nightclub, Bunkers, or MC businesses. The easiest of these activities is the nightclub which generates the most in-game passive money. You can earn up to GTA$ 50,000 per in-game day with this method.

Is it possible to earn passive income in GTA Online while playing other games or doing other activities?

Fortunately for GTA Online, you can continuously make money in the background while still engaged in other activities. However, some of the passive income methods mentioned above require commitment and active participation between missions. Consequently, if you participate in these activities, you’ll unlikely have time to focus on other games or activities.

How can I maximize my passive income in GTA Online?

There are various activities available in GTA Online to help you earn. Invest in profitable businesses, and don’t forget to invest in the necessary upgrades to boost your earning potential in the long run.

Are there any risks involved in earning passive income in GTA Online?

There’s a risk that you may not earn back your investment if you encounter issues or fail to manage your businesses effectively. Other players can also target your income-generating assets and businesses. You can always fall victim to theft or destruction if you don’t invest in security upgrades for your businesses.

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