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40 Cheap or Free Summer Activities That Don’t Cost a Fortune

40 Cheap or Free Summer Activities That Don’t Cost a Fortune

Finding something to do during the summertime and staying thrifty is not very challenging. In fact, there are many free summer activities worth giving a chance! In this article, we’ll tell you about 40 of them. Let’s go!

1. Camp Under the Stars

Do you like an army of crickets to serenade you while the coziness of the forest lullabies you under a gazillion of constellations? Then, put up a tent!

2. Take a Road Trip 

Being at fever pitch as your car rolls on the road curves in unknown places is fantastic. Therefore, hit the gas!

3. Start Volunteering

Enjoy being a do-gooder! This is an excellent idea if you want to give back to your community and surround yourself with like-minded philanthropists.

4. Make a Summer Dessert

Some affordable summer activities can tickle your taste buds. This summer, stay super thrifty, and rustle up an ice cream, popsicle, or another brain-freezing delight!

5. Visit a National Park

Lose yourself in bedazzling landscapes! Feel the mere heart of Mother Nature beating! Rejoice at wondrous sights, and let your imagination take you behind the horizon!

6. Sign up for a Gym Membership

If getting fitter is your number one goal this summer, the gym is a fantastic place to achieve it. You’ll have plenty of support from other members!

7. Observe the Birds in Your Area

Is it an avocet or a bar-tailed godwit? Or maybe a bearded tit? Take a stroll to a bird-friendly place, and see what passerines your well-cleaned binoculars introduce you to!

8. Join a Beach Yoga Class

Entertain your inner yogi! Do Tadasana! Breathe in as the gentle sea tides merge with the coastline, and exhale as they move away from the shore.

9. Be on the Lookout for Free Zoo and Museum Days

Sometimes, you can feed graceful giraffes and inspect ancient terracotta vessels for free. Keep to your frugal ways, and check the annual programs of the places you want to visit!

10. Explore Local Historical Sites

History doesn’t have to remain a mystery to you! Rediscover the truths of the past whenever the sun illuminates the centuries-old buildings in your hometown!

11. Find a New Hobby

Is the “same old, same old” getting to you? Reinvent yourself! Rekindle your long-forgotten passion for arts, sports, crafts, or something else!

12. Walk Your Dog on the Beach

Your furry friend could use a good leg stretch next to the relaxing sight of a large body of water, and so could you.

13. Plan a Picnic

Let the vibrant greenery of nearby meadows increase your appetite! Pack some fruits and veggies, and throw a little outdoor feast for your loved ones.

14. Stop By a Comedy Club

Giggling as funny people spin a yarn about the going-ons in their lives is budget-friendly and fun. Give these folks a minute, and they’ll humor you!

15. Hike

Take a long walk across the moors, or conquer the paths at the bottom of mountains in your area. Move your muscles to the rhythm of nature!

16. Watch Movies in Your Yard or Garden

Cry at the heart-breaking scenes of The Banshees of Insherin on your deck! The summer winds will blow your tears away if you want to remain tough in front of your date.

17. Hang Out With Your Neighbors

Stop peeping at your neighbors’ yard, and invite them over for a board or video game marathon! Play with them from dusk till dawn!

18. Photograph Your Hometown

Taking pics of the place you grew up in is excellent for uncovering its hidden beauty. Therefore, get your camera, and show your nooks from a different angle!

19. Try Geocaching

Treasure hunting is for young adults, too! Whenever you’re feeling adventuristic, put on your sneakers, and see if you can find any geocache in your area!

20. Do Sports

This is one of the best free summer activities for nurturing the competitive spirit in the scorching heat. Have a gift for tennis? Show the world you can serve, smash, and groundstroke!

21. Stargaze

Does your heart skip a beat every time a star twinkles? Be a backyard astronomer, and allow the magic of the skies to relieve any stress you might be experiencing.

22. Make a Hammock

If you’re into DIY projects, you could try making a hammock and let the summer vibes sway you into being the most chill version of yourself!

23. Try a Hand at Blogging

Sharing your methods of surviving during dog days online could help a fellow internet pal or two fight their summer battles easier. Therefore, get down to typing!

24. Find a Job

If rolling around in beach sand makes you feel like a lazy Schaumrolle, do not fret! You could be doing something more productive, like working!

25. Connect With Like-Minded Folks

Socializing is easier during the warmest months: peeps are out and about, looking for others to share their interests with. There are hiking and biking groups you can join!

26. Take Yourself to Free Events

Living la vida loca doesn’t mean you need to drain your wallet to the bone. Check your community’s calendar — there might be a free festival you’ll like!

27. Visit a Farmers’ Market

Running everyday errands, including shopping for groceries, is low-key blah and sort of meh. However, farmers’ markets are a treat to every food aficionado’s soul! Yummy!

28. Write a Book

Getting freaky at parties and frying yourself in the burning-hot sun might not be on your creative mind this season. But that’s okay –  you could kill time scribing about your summertime philosophies!

29. Hit the Library

Are you absolutely sure you’re ready to get to the end of that 700-page book written in small font? Then, you know which place to head to.

30. Go for a Long Walk

The streets are always a source of inspiration. Take a stroll through your hometown, and let the sound of traffic and friendly banter refill your batteries!

31. Ride Your Bike

In for some outdoor adventures with your athletic buddies? Hop onto your bike, and build your stamina by pedaling into living healthier!

32. Play Frisbee

Think your armpits aren’t really signaling the rise in temperatures? Then, invite your agile friends over for a frisbee session, and get your sweat glands working!

33. Watch a Baseball Game

You might not feel super sporty everyday, and that’s fine. However, you can always cheer for your favorite baseball team instead of swinging the bat yourself!

34. Attend a Charity Event

Attending charities is a cost-effective way to do good when the heat strikes. Therefore, lean into your thoughtful side, and boost someone’s chances of having a better summer.

35. Play Games Online

Clubbing and socializing during the season of shorts and t-shirts is the dream for many. Still, building cottages in Minecraft is an occasional must.

36. Host a Garage Sale

Many get the July urge to get rid of the things they no longer need. You, too, can sell items you don’t find useful anymore, and make your home cozier!

37. Plant Your Garden

Watching little sprouts grow into fruit-bearing plants and trees is super stress-relieving! Therefore, look for your gardening tools, and start investing in your well-being!

38. Start a Collection

Stamps, buttons, empty soda cans – make a place at home for the things you can’t get enough of, and chit chat about them with your friends!

39. Swim and Sunbathe

Hit the pool, spend your day at the lake, or, if you’re salt-deprived, sunbathe at a nearby sea beach. Why not enjoy the hot days the classic way?

40. Watch the Sunrise and Chillax

Finally, when you don’t feel like doing anything, observing the sun painting the sky in shades of red as it goes down can feel like a soothing poem before bedtime.

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