Being opinionated pays off. Who would’ve known you could earn money by indulging in introspection and sharing your thoughts about brands and trends? Paid surveys dominate the micro-job market, with surveyees slowly but steadily making bank one question at a time.

Since earning extra cash can make life slightly better, quick payments appeal to many. However, most survey sites don’t let you claim your money until weeks or months after earning it. If disliking this practice somewhat defines you, read on. Below you’ll find the 15 best survey sites that pay you immediately.

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Top 15 Survey Sites That Pay Cash Instantly in 2023

Finding a good survey site to earn some extra cash may seem overwhelming, with the vast number of options available. However, if you’re only interested in platforms that allow you to start making money fast, here’s a list of 15 fantastic survey sites that pay cash right away:


Thriving on inclusivity, paid surveys invites folks of different backgrounds to partake in daily quizzing frenzies. Its ever-growing selection of high-paying questionaries makes this paid survey platform a lucrative source of passive income. The average payout per poll is $1 — a sum hard to top by even the most lucrative survey sites.

If you want to stimulate your neurons without frying them as you respond to dozens of surveys, this is the app for you. Its straightforward reward system will back you up financially without stressing you out! Every time you complete a survey, you can see your balance grow. This way, you can easily track your earnings whenever you peep into your account.’s minimal withdrawal amount is $5. So, if hearing even a muted ka-ching makes you happy, you’re in for a treat. You’ll always have a mini-wad of greenbacks to impress others when shopping for knick-knacks! And if you’re a mythological cryptocurrency titan, all the gods are in your favor: you can get paid in Bitcoin, too! 

Whether you like the sound of plain cash or fancy gift cards, this platform will rub you the right way. partners with organizations and brands worldwide, so you can expect to take polls on different topics. The quizzes will be there for you whenever boredom attacks.

2. Swagbucks

The dawn of consumer-driven product development is way behind us, but Swagbucks’s polling program is still off the charts. A 2008 Prodege project, this site is actively shaping the global supply and demand of tangible items with the help of its 20 million users. It lets users worldwide access tens of thousands of questionnaires!

Like other industry veterans, this site’s developers are committed to increasing user satisfaction. As such, the payout threshold isn’t subject to a cap, and the jingle in your pockets gets louder even if you partially complete a survey you aren’t eligible to take. It’s like making money appear out of nowhere!

On this platform, you have the opportunity to take part in surveys that focus on brand recognition, product appeal, and advertising effectiveness. Therefore, you don’t have to hop with the kangaroos if you prefer running with the ostriches! That’s our way of saying you are free to answer surveys that match your interests and background instead of being forced to take those you couldn’t care less about.

Swagbucks pays its users in SB points (100 SB = $1). On average, a single poll can help you earn anywhere from 40 to 200 SBs. However, if you’re as lucky as a four-leaf clover, some of the questionnaires you’ll run into will be higher-paying. Either way, you’ll receive your money each time you make at least $3.

3. InboxDollars

InboxDollars claims to have paid $80+ million to its members over the years. That’s big money, considering the brand has existed since 2000. Because InboxDollars has been around for a long time, it’s had the chance to evolve with consumer trends.  

Once you join the platform, you get $5 as a sign-up bonus. After that, the site shows you the polls you can take, with topics ranging from fashion to travel, leisure, and everything in between. While most surveys pay from $0.25 to $5, some can load your pockets with cash worth having on a night out!

InboxDollars enables meticulous and customer-oriented manufacturers to enhance their products by providing valuable insights for them to invest in product improvement. The site has a product testing program, which is excellent for assessing the practical value of certain goods. Testers can keep whatever items they rate, which is fantastic because freebies are never out of style!

If discussing the dos and don’ts of product launching gets you going, you can join some of the focus groups advertised on the site. Making a payment request is possible after earning $10. You get paid in cash, gift cards, or via PayPal, with the option to donate your earnings to charities available as well.

4. Survey Junkie

Being able to influence the creation of products and services can be exciting, and this survey panel lets you do just that. Survey Junkie is a website that you can join for free, and it connects you with surveys that gather information about your purchasing habits. If you’re a new user excited to share your opinions through questionnaires, you can easily sign up and get started.

If you’re struck by the urge to take quizzes, this app will quickly quench your desires. Once you finalize a few surveys, the platform will suggest other ones you can participate in! The more polls you take, the more points you make.

Survey Junkie’s point system is pretty straightforward. You can cash out once you’ve made $5, which equals 500 points. Many surveys available through the panel pay $1-3, meaning you can withdraw money after taking 2-5 polls. If plain dollars don’t excite you much, you can enjoy the advantages of using gift cards.

Be aware that while it’s sometimes possible to make enough money in a day and cash out, that’s not usually the case, so be prepared for some waiting before you can claim your rewards. On the positive side, the questionnaires are fun and easy to answer. Also, you can ask to get paid via PayPal to speed up the process of receiving your money. 

5. QMee

An agile fish in a sea of fierce competitors, Qmee lets you get a hold of your money immediately after earning it. There’s no minimum withdrawal amount, so your cash can fly straight into your PayPal or Venmo wallet immediately after you complete a task! 

By using this website, you have the chance to earn a few cents each day by participating in daily polls. Additionally, if you complete surveys for five consecutive days, you can earn even more! The platform offers a wide variety of questionnaires, including Hot, Webcam, PII, and Recontact surveys, among others.

Qmee is every gift card aficionado’s lullaby. It offers vouchers at famous retailers with a minimum payout of $3-5! On the other hand, you can also transfer some of your earnings to different charity accounts! It’s safe to say that the panel encourages clients to indulge in self-pampering and nurture their altruistic side along the way.

The platform furthermore offers free tips that help folks nail each survey, which is a win-win situation for frugal individuals aiming to grow their income. Moreover, Qmee is also available as an app, so making money on the go is an option with this panel.

6. Grindabuck

Bitcoin miners, here’s a platform that you must explore. A relatively new kid on the block, Grindabuck is serious about keeping up with the latest reward system trends. Apart from rewarding its members with vouchers and PayPal cash, this survey site also pays in cryptocurrency!

Generating income through this platform is simple, meaning you can begin your survey-answering journey minutes after creating an account! Each completed task gets you Grindabucks, which you can later exchange for the rewards mentioned above. You can claim your earnings once you meet the site’s payment requirements, which differ depending on users’ cash-out history.

New clients who are to collect their prizes for the first time are subject to a $10 minimum payout threshold. However, this withdrawal amount drops to $5 for the second and $1 for the third cash out. In other words, you get to earn the right to quicker payouts by completing more tasks. 

The site ensures that you have some cash at your disposal before you dedicate yourself to polls. If patience is not one of your strongest suits, do not fret! Once you register on the platform, you receive 100 Gabs ($1), shortening the time between creating your account and getting your first payment. 

7. QuickRewards

QuickRewards stands out as one of the fastest-paying survey sites globally, with a minimum withdrawal threshold of just $0.01. If you dislike sites with high minimum cash-out requirements, this app is perfect for you. Since its establishment in 2002, the website’s creators have recognized the importance of prompt payments, making it an ideal choice for those who value quick and hassle-free transactions.

So far, the platform has paid more than $7,000,000 to its users, which is not a sum to underestimate. It also has a BBB rating of A+, meaning it’s not a scam site unworthy of your attention. On the contrary, the panel aims to build long-lasting relationships with members and partnering advertisers alike.

Most surveyees prefer to have a choice regarding how they get paid for answering surveys. For that sake, the platform lets you redeem your earnings for PayPal cash and Amazon or in-store gift cards. It’s also worth mentioning that the site collaborates with about 50 retailers nationwide — not bad if you’re a hardcore shop-a-holic. 

On this website, you earn money in QuickPoints (100 QPs equal $0.01). Whenever you collect 100 points or more, the platform converts them into cash, automatically altering your balance. You can then choose how you want to cash out.

8. Ipsos iSay

A famous rewards community, Ipsos iSay takes pride in its international user base. This website is accessible to surveyees from over 100 countries globally! This remarkable feat aligns with Ipsos’ reputation as the third-largest research firm in the world.

The platform offers an excellent user experience and lets you take questionnaires, most of which pay $1-2! Moreover, you earn money even if it turns out that you’re not qualified for a survey you’ve already taken!

With iSay, you won’t have to wait until the end of time to cash out. The minimum withdrawal amount is $5, which is not an unobtainable sum. In other words, you can meet the payout requirements quickly and enjoy the fruits of your labor after that! 

Once you have $5 in your account, you can choose how you want to celebrate. The platform offers multiple rewards, including PayPal cash and gift cards. You can also donate your prize to charity if you feel like the world needs extra love!

9. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is a leader in the online survey business. The platform invites users to complete engaging studies online, helping them directly influence the products and services of tomorrow. Its high-paying questionnaires and instant payouts make it a lucrative alternative to similar sites.

The site lets you take surveys only if your demographics match those of the target audience of specific companies. Suppose businesses are interested in hearing the opinions of individuals whose demographic data differs from yours. In that case, your name ends on a waitlist, and you stay on it until a relevant questionnaire appears.

Valuing its customers, the panel grants them fantastic rewards for their loyalty. Users can get PayPal cash and gift vouchers at famous retailers for their commitment to completing surveys, with the occasional product testing sweetening the deal!

The platform does a great job of proving that your opinions matter. That said, most of the recommended quizzes are worth $3 — an arguably rare sum in the online survey space. In other words, you’re reserving yourself a little treasure every time you submit a poll for review! 

10. Toluna

This excellent paid survey site is also well-known for its instant payouts. The rules are simple: you answer questionnaires and earn gift cards and PayPal money! Daily polls are also available, in case you’re a sucker for giving quick opinions about stuff once in 24 hours.

This voting platform is rather extensive, with over 21 million users from 50 countries! The numbers speak for themselves, and crowds are ecstatic to register on the site, regardless of where they live. Moreover, some of the world’s largest brands are partners with the website to have their finger on the pulse of consumer trends.

Engaging in activities the site promotes helps you earn Toluna points, with new members entitled to 500 points as a warm welcome from the panel. You can redeem the prizes you win for staying on top of tasks once you accumulate enough points in your account. 

Most surveys accessible through the website pay from $0.25 to $2. Every penny you earn deposits into your account instantly, so making money is not mission impossible. Once you have about $10, you can cash out your earnings and spend them with pleasure!

11. InstaGC

Fast cash clothes you in a comfy raincoat before you hop off into the drizzle of tomorrow’s uncertainties. With InstaGC, making quick money is a routine. The site offers instant payouts, attracting customers with its $1 redemption minimum — an offer that’s too tempting to ignore.

Grind out a survey or two, and you can cash out. Most studies you can participate in pay $1, so you can claim your rewards right after completing them! Knowing you always have a few dimes to order an overpriced latte feels nice, doesn’t it?

Fiddling with questionnaires brings you closer to some fantastic prizes, including vouchers and PayPal cash. Crypto buffs are in for the deal of the century — you can get paid in cryptocurrency, too! Additionally, you earn 10 points for the simplest thing in the world: filling out your profile info.

As an international platform, InstaGC connects customers and product suppliers worldwide. That said, sharing your opinion through the surveys on this panel can affect the commercialization of merchandise anywhere in the world! Your outlook on things can be pretty impactful. 

12. ySens

A famous beer money site, ySense encourages you to be bold and stand up for the goods you love, even if they’re quirky! You can do that after registering on the platform, which doesn’t take too long.

Although it’s not the highest-paying site on our list, you can earn about $3 daily if you’re super persistent. Since that’s how much money you need to cash out, you can make and spend those bucks on the same day! What’s even better, you can live anywhere in the world and still be able to join the platform.

This international site accommodates a global user base and offers many payout options. You can receive cash via PayPal, Skrill, and Payoneer, depending on which payment methods are available in your country. Alternatively, you can get gift cards and use them to buy the bibelots you couldn’t afford until recently!

You might not be eligible to take every survey on ySens, but you could still qualify for plenty of them. And if you’re not having much luck with surveys, you can check out the website’s daily polls. Answering these short questions earns you $0.01.

13. Respondent

Here’s to the website that has kicked the competition out of the house! Ever so lucrative, Respondent offers jaw-dropping earnings to its users. It’s safe to say that this platform sits at the pinnacle of the best survey sites throne. 

Knowing how much the surveys this panel matches you with pay will give you vertigo. You can get from $150 to $750 per hour for completing a single survey! However, the companies conducting market research studies of this caliber are interested in hearing the opinions of industry professionals only, so you must be a software developer, executive, or business owner to participate in them!

If you think your expertise qualifies you for the types of polls listed on the site, you should create an account on the platform. Once you verify your employment, you’ll be able to answer questionnaires! They’re detailed, so get prepared for an hour-long brain massage.

After finalizing a survey, your earnings get deposited into your PayPal wallet. You might have to wait a few days before the payment gets processed, but you can use that time to go get yourself a much-needed extra-large piggy bank! One thing is sure, though. The sum you’ll receive will tickle your financial imagination. Oink-ching!

14. Branded Surveys

Short polls can erode the belief systems of even the most devoted survey non-fanatics, and Branded Surveys knows that. The questionnaires on this fantastic platform are fun and take minutes to finalize, and providing more details about yourself makes you eligible for more polls. What’s not to like?

This site mollycoddles you with a set of prizes that celebrates the financial habits of different users. Answering questions helps you earn money and vouchers. Furthermore, cash enthusiasts can get their earnings deposited into their PayPal or bank accounts or donate their funds to charity.

As your list of completed quizzes grows, you gain points that the site converts into dollars. The minimal withdrawal amount is $5 (500 points), which is a sum achievable in a day. PayPal users should be aware that it could take 1-3 business days for the money to land in their account, though.

Survey addicts can join Branded Elite, a program that rewards your monthly efforts. Progressing through it helps you collect bonus points, which leads to an increase in your overall payments! All you need to do is buckle down and get into Survey mode! 

15. Lootup

Newer poll sites are famous for introducing freshness in the paid survey space. Lootup is one of them. This recently created website lets you answer short questionnaires for cash. It keeps you in the loop about emerging consumer trends by allowing you to take surveys that match your market research profile.

The panel is quite generous when it comes to rewarding prizes. Earn a dollar, and you’ll see deluxe confetti falling over you. Vouchers, PayPal cash, crypto rewards. So, answer a few questions, make a buck, and choose how you want to cash it out!

This fast-growing rewards program knows how powerful bonuses can be. As such, it likes offering users perks that keep them hooked on the site forever. There’s a $5 sign-up bonus, the registration process is straightforward, and you can create your account for free.

Once you join the platform, you can participate in polls on different topics. Want to type out your concerns about the healthcare system or rate brand-new beauty products? Wait for the site to match you with suitable questionnaires, and you’ll be bouncing off the walls!

Why Should I Take Paid Surveys?

Because you understand the importance of making extra cash while answering the call of nature or waiting for your next flight, that’s why! All jokes aside, rewarded surveys are an excellent way to earn money and voice your opinion about things from the comfort of your home or anywhere else!

These polls are the digital chisels you can use to shape tomorrow’s products. Your feedback can improve goods and services that are in development and help companies assess customer satisfaction! Also, taking paid surveys isn’t costly, so your earnings are shielded from job expenses of any kind. 

How Do Online Surveys Work?

Paid survey sites send out polls to registered users. Interested members answer these questionnaires in exchange for different rewards. Although there are some exceptions, most survey platforms use point systems, meaning that whenever you complete a poll, you earn points you can redeem for cash, gift cards, crypto, etc. 

The number of points you must accumulate before getting paid depends on the site’s cash-out policy. If the website’s minimum payout threshold is low, you’ll be able to get your money shortly after completing the survey. On the other hand, platforms with high minimum withdrawal amounts typically pay you days or months after finishing a poll.

Are Survey Websites That Pay Instantly Legit?

Many survey panels like to brag about paying cash instantly, but only some offer instant payouts. Unfortunately, some sites will try to scam you, so you should always beware of that possibility. Moreover, some websites sugarcoat the downsides of their programs, which is almost as bad as the lies fraudulent platforms serve you. 

Legitimate survey sites do exist, however. They usually have great reviews and are easy to find. Keep that in mind when searching for a reliable platform where you can take quizzes, and you should be able to bypass hoaxes. And one more thing! Your rewards will take some time to get processed, even if the site you’ve registered on is trustworthy. In other words, you’ll have to wait a bit before withdrawing your money.

What Are The Best Survey Sites That Pay Instantly To PayPal?

PayPal is the favorite payment platform of many, and there’s a good reason for that. It allows for flexible digital transactions and easily integrates with other websites. While most paid survey platforms support electronic payments, the ones listed in our article are sure to offer instant PayPal deposits. 

Some of the abovementioned sites let you receive your earnings immediately after finalizing a poll. Other ones require you to accumulate a small amount of money as specified in their withdrawal policy before cashing out. Either way, all of them pay you fast! 

You can always speed up the process by answering more surveys and increasing your gains. Or, you could opt for an instant transfer for a small PayPal fee rather than using the standard option (which may take up to 5 business days).

Are Survey Sites Worth My Time?

Online survey sites can help you increase your income, but only if you have enough time to answer as many questionnaires as you can. People with busy schedules won’t earn much by completing just a few because most pay little. Therefore, before you give survey-taking your all, ask yourself whether your lifestyle allows for such a source of extra cash.

How Do I Maximize My Earnings From Surveys?

Thousands of people are trying to boost their income by taking rewarded questionnaires as you read his article. However, not all of them are successful at that. To get the most out of paid polls in a financial sense, try doing the following: 

  • Become a member of multiple trustworthy survey panels.
  • Give honest answers to questions.
  • Don’t partake in surveys that take too long to finish but pay too little.
  • Steer clear from survey sites that ask you to pay a subscription fee.
  • Give product testing and focus groups a chance.
  • Always be on the lookout for higher-paying studies. 

Final Thoughts

Paid online surveys are an excellent way to supplement your income, but most can take eons to give you your hard-earned rewards. Not only do the platforms listed above offer instant payments, but they actually do so in cold, hard cash. We hope you like the paid survey sites we listed, and we’ll be more than happy if our financial tips help you grow your income. Stay safe online, and use your free time to make extra cash! Happy earning!

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about paid surveys? Here are the most asked questions on the matter:

What are surveys that pay cash instantly?

Paid survey sites that offer instant payouts allow users to receive payments immediately or shortly after completing a poll. Some of these websites have minimum withdrawal policies, while others do not. Regardless of the type, such platforms pay users a few minutes, hours, or days after finishing a task, not months.

What kind of companies use paid surveys?

Companies that pay people to complete surveys understand the benefits of market research. They use your answers to improve their business operations and refine critical decisions. Polls are an excellent tool for organizations that want to test-market a product before launching it.

What will I answer in a survey?

Paid surveys gather data about the money-related and shopping habits of participants of different demographic profiles. You can expect to answer questions about your financial life, give your opinion about ready-to-use goods or beta versions of certain products, and more.

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