Alternative to InboxPounds

InboxPounds, a well-known UK-based ‘get paid to’ site, allows users to earn money by completing surveys. Yet, given the plethora of survey sites available today, you might wonder if InboxPounds is the right fit for you.

While it does provide compensation, is the amount satisfactory? How much dedication and effort must you invest in the platform to see returns? Keep reading to find answers to these questions and more.

What is InboxPounds?

InboxPounds, a reputable survey site, has operated since 2012. It serves as the UK counterpart to InboxDollars, catering exclusively to UK users. Its parent company, having been in the business since 2000, establishes InboxPounds as a legitimate enterprise.

Though InboxPounds focuses on the UK market, you can still technically access the site from other countries. However, this may lead to difficulties in cashing out or even qualifying for surveys. Hence, we can conclude it is best suited to UK users.

Surveys on InboxPounds typically take about 20 minutes and cover a broad range of topics. It’s worth noting that users frequently report getting screened out of surveys, a recurring complaint about the platform.

While InboxPounds occasionally advertises payouts reaching £30 per survey, user experiences often differ. Some users claim earnings as low as £0.40 for a 20-minute survey, which is understandably disappointing.

Despite the site’s inclination to screen out users mid-survey, there’s a silver lining. Should this occur, InboxPounds offers a spin-and-wheel system to earn additional cash. However, temper your expectations. The spin-and-wheel feature is limited to ten uses daily, with potential earnings capping at about £0.04. Reaching the minimum withdrawal amount of £20 might require patience.

On the bright side, InboxPounds is accessible on various platforms, including iOS and Android, boasting a user-friendly application.

Why Choose Instead of InboxPounds? stands out as a superior alternative to InboxPounds. Owned by IPRoyal, this survey site excels where InboxPounds falls short. offers surveys on various topics, including fashion, cosmetics, tech, politics, and many more. You can find them under the Surveys tab on your smartphone. The payment system at is notably more generous. The average payout for its surveys is $1, and these surveys tend to be much shorter.

While InboxPounds serves only the UK, has a broader reach, catering to users in over 190 countries. This ensures that, regardless of your location, provides surveys tailored to your region and offers reliable payment methods.

Indeed, is an excellent option for those looking to earn extra cash. It accommodates users everywhere. Whether you’re on a work break, commuting, or enjoying the weekend, has opportunities for all. Our advice? Always check the Surveys tab for available surveys.

The platform doesn’t limit its earning potential to surveys. Users can choose to share their bandwidth, which IPRoyal then resells – a testament to its standing as a leading proxy company.

While you might have reservations about the bandwidth-sharing option due to privacy concerns, the system ensures security and doesn’t access your private data. Moreover, it operates in the background, allowing you to engage in other activities while it generates income. You can also connect multiple devices, provided each has a unique IP address.

Referrals offer another income stream. By introducing friends and family to using your unique link, you receive 10% of their lifetime earnings. Those with a significant social media presence can especially benefit, earning substantial amounts through referrals.

With a minimum withdrawal threshold of just $5, stands out from many survey sites. Depending on your location, you can get paid via:

  • Bitcoin
  • PayPal
  • Gift cards (Visa, Amazon, and others).

In addition, employs a straightforward payment system. Once you complete a task, whether it’s taking a survey, sharing bandwidth, or inviting users to the platform, the funds are directly deposited into your account.

In conclusion, solidifies its place at the top of the survey site hierarchy with its low cashout limits, concise surveys, and varied earning avenues. Join millions of users that trust today!

How Much Can You Expect to Earn With InboxPounds?

Right off the bat, a significant advantage of InboxPounds is its avoidance of the point system, which is common among many survey sites. However, the benefits seem to stop there.

Realistically, don’t anticipate high earnings from InboxPounds; actual profits often don’t match the site’s advertisements. Earnings vary based on specific surveys and their durations, but some users report earning as little as £0.40 for 20-minute surveys.

Like, InboxPounds offers multiple avenues for side income, but these tend to be low-paying. One alternative earning method on InboxPounds involves playing games.

Simply download their sponsored games and achieve certain in-game milestones to earn. Additionally, you can earn money by using InboxPounds’ dedicated search engine. Daily earnings from this method peak at £0.07, a somewhat disappointing figure.

Earnings are also available from completing offers, like sign-ups and watching ads. However, be aware that many of these offers don’t provide immediate payment. You might choose to share your email address to receive paid emails from the site. Lastly, referring friends and family can get you 10% of their lifetime earnings.

Here are the payment methods on InboxPounds with their respective minimum withdrawal balances:

  • Caffe Nero: £20
  • Tesco: £20
  • PayPal: £20
  • Amazon: £30
  • John Lewis: £50
  • Marks & Spencer: £50
  • Mastercard: £50

Given the relatively high withdrawal balance and the platform’s low payouts, reaching these thresholds might be challenging. When using InboxPounds, don’t anticipate high payouts. Instead, patience is crucial, as reaching the minimum withdrawal balance of £20 might take time.


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However, our users can earn from 5USD to 140USD per month on average for just keeping our app active on the device. Right now we pay 0.20USD per 1GB shared.

Other Alternatives to InboxPounds

Up to this point, it is clear that InboxPounds is not without its shortcomings. Therefore, do not be deterred if it doesn’t suit your region or meet your criteria. Here are some excellent alternative sites with the potential to earn you income through surveys: – The Top Choice addresses many of the shortcomings present in InboxPounds. For example, while InboxPounds caters only to UK users, is accessible in over 190 countries.

Moreover, features shorter surveys with an average payout of $1. With a minimum cash-out threshold of $5, you can retrieve your earnings quicker. On top of that, there are no delays regarding payouts – complete your task, and the funds appear in your balance instantly.

Valued Opinions – Exceptional Payouts

Valued Opinions stands as another commendable survey site. Unlike InboxPounds, which is UK-specific, ValuedOpinions reaches users in over 20 countries and offers content in more than 15 languages.

Its surveys are akin to those on, averaging $1 payout. However, the minimum withdrawal threshold at Valued Opinions is $10, dispensed in the form of gift cards. However, remember that most surveys on Valued Opinions can take a long time to complete, unlike its counterpart.

Triaba Panel – Ideal for US Users

For those seeking a US-centric survey platform, Triaba Panel merits attention. Its decade-long track record underscores its legitimacy.

Triaba Panel surveys primarily focus on US consumer habits, offering rewards ranging from $0.50 to $5. Most surveys take, on average, about 12 minutes to complete. This can be a potentially good option for US users looking for a legitimate side income source.