Alternative to Toluna

Alternative to Toluna

Last updated - May 17, 2024

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    Alternatives to Toluna Surveys

    There’s lots of survey sites nowadays that purport to give you some additional income just by filling a questionnaire. Toluna is one such provider that lets you earn points for each survey and you can turn those points into gift cards or money down the road.

    But with so many survey sites online, jumping headfirst into a single one may not be the best decision. Are Toluna surveys really your best option to earn points and make money online?

    What is Toluna?

    Toluna is a paid survey platform and market research company that gives users the opportunity to fill out various market research questionnaires to earn rewards.

    All users that have registered a Toluna account are called Toluna Influencers (which is also the full name of the program) who are supposedly influencing various projects by voicing their opinion.

    Toluna Influencers pays a variable amount for each survey filled out. There’s profile surveys that earn you about 100 Toluna points for each one and longer surveys that earn up to 2,000. Longer surveys can take up to 20 or more minutes to complete.

    Since Toluna Influencers give you points instead of direct currencies, you have to convert them – 3,000 Toluna points is roughly equivalent to $1. So, you’ll have to fill out quite a few surveys to earn a gift card or a cashout.

    After you’ve solved enough Toluna surveys, you can redeem your money into a PayPal account. The threshold, however, is $30 (or 90,000 points), which means you’ll have to be fully committed to Toluna surveys. Additionally, your points expire after 18 months, so you can’t take forever to get to the threshold.

    So, while Toluna points are a legitimate way to earn money, you’ll have to be fully committed. There are plenty of platforms with paid surveys that give you better opportunities.

    Why Choose Over Toluna? is a global brand that serves customers all over the world by providing online surveys and internet sharing opportunities. We are also part of the IPRoyal brand, a trusted proxy provider for businesses across the world.

    There’s many reasons to choose us over Toluna Influencers. One of the most commonly cited reasons is our payout and cashout structure. Our average payout for completing surveys is $1 while the cashout threshold is just $5. As such, you can get paid more often while it’ll also require less work overall.

    Additionally, you can fill out surveys on our platform on any device and from anywhere. So, you can dedicate some time for surveys while traveling or commuting to work.

    Finally, we have a wide variety of reward and cash out options. You can choose from dozens of gift cards and payment methods, including cryptocurrency as your reward.

    How Much Can You Expect to Earn?

    Your earnings depend on the amount of traffic (in GB) you share, how many surveys you complete, and how long you keep the application running on the network. The longer you stay online, the more you earn!


    per month

    Unique IPs

    1 IP

    2 IP

    4 IP

    6 IP

    8 IP

    10 IP

    Daily App Activity

    1 h

    2 h

    4 h

    8 h

    12 h

    16 h

    20 h

    24 h

    However, our users can earn from 5USD to 140USD per month on average for just keeping our app active on the device. Right now we pay 0.20USD per 1GB shared.

    Other Alternatives

    If neither Toluna Influencers or seem like the right fit for you, there’s plenty of other options:


    A huge survey provider that serves customers from all over the world. Has a good payment structure with an average survey earning $1 and the cash out threshold set at $3.

    Prize Rebel

    Prize Rebel is a task and survey platform where users can earn points for completing various objectives, from watching videos to filling out questionnaires. Cash out minimum is set at $5.

    Branded Surveys

    A well-known survey platform that has a wide variety of questionnaires in both content and length. Users can see ahead of time how much they can earn for each survey and the cash out threshold is set at $5.

    Surveys on the Go

    Surveys on the Go is a survey and data sharing platform that lets users earn money. On average, filling out a survey will give you $1 and the cash out threshold is $10.

    In this article...

      One app - many ways to earn


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