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How to Sell Internet Data and Earn Money: TOP 10 Best Apps

How to Sell Internet Data and Earn Money: TOP 10 Best Apps
Donata Tamulionyte

Donata Tamulionyte

Last updated - October 19, 2023

Are you looking to know how to sell internet data and earn money? If so, you’ve arrived at the right place! You can easily make passive income by disposing of your excess bandwidth. It’s more profitable than sharing WiFi for free with friends, neighbors, and family. However, you must do it through dedicated online applications to ensure you get the best results. After downloading an app, you only need to sign up to start sharing your internet data. This article provides information on the ten best apps for sharing internet bandwidth.

What Is Bandwidth & Why Do People Sell It?

Bandwidth refers to the volume of information sent over an internet connection at any given time. It’s the data received and sent when connected to the internet. Bandwidth indicates the maximum capacity of a wireless or wired network in a given length of time. Megabits and gigabits per second are the standard measurement unit for this capacity. Thus, bandwidth describes the rate of data transfer and not network speed.

The amount of data sent by a connection depends on its bandwidth. If a data connection is a pipe, then bandwidth is the amount of water flowing through it per second. A high bandwidth indicates high capacity and results in more data flowing through the network.

People sell bandwidth because they have it in excess and opt to sell this surplus to make money. After buying bandwidth from you, the apps use it for business. They could resell it to others who need it or use it in-house. So, like many individuals, you can sell your internet data for the following reasons: 

  • Disposing of Excess Bandwidth 

Paying for internet bandwidth that you don’t use can represent a huge dent in your monthly budget. Luckily, there are several applications you can use to dispose of this excess bandwidth. These apps make it possible for companies to then resell this data capacity to other individuals or businesses from anywhere worldwide that may need it.  

  • In Need of Some Money 

Selling excess bandwidth is a sure passive income earner. It can help you to supplement your monthly internet costs. Download the application and sign up to sell any bandwidth surplus you have. You can claim payment on these apps once you reach a certain balance. Though you will earn small amounts, it eventually builds up to something more substantial.

How Does It Work?

Selling internet data to third-party applications is easy. The first thing you should know is that the applications require installation on your device, whether on Android, Windows, Linux, iOS, or macOS. While using the internet, leave the application running in the background and configure settings to adjust how much you want to share. 

The applications pay differently based on your location. However, you should expect to earn nearly $0.10 per 1 GB of data shared. What buyers pay for buying this data depends on many factors, but usually, it is around $1 per 1 GB of data. Companies providing bandwidth to customers do so through various means, but they often have worldwide reach. For example, you could be in the United States and sell your broadband to someone in the UK.

What About Privacy?

By sharing your bandwidth, you’ll allow someone with an unknown identity to access your IP address and internet. Plus, the individual can surf whatever they want on the internet. You cannot control what users do using that portion of your internet network. For example, some countries may prohibit certain websites. People may take advantage of your network to access these websites. When sharing your internet, you cannot be sure your connection will be 100% secure. 

You can protect yourself by selling bandwidth only to apps that require customers to provide proof of identity. Plus, they should have mechanisms to encrypt your data and prevent leakages. Finally, you may use network monitoring apps to identify any suspicious activities. In this case, you’ll report to the company behind the bandwidth-sharing app.

Introduction to Selling Internet Data for Earning Money

Do you have any idea how to sell internet data and earn money? The first step is signing up for an application that allows you to share it. But you can only share internet bandwidth if your carrier allows it and you have a reliable, good-quality connection. The following are the prerequisites you should consider:  

  • Fast Internet Connection 

Before sharing bandwidth, check your internet connection is fast enough. It could be WiFi, mobile connection, or wired, but keep in mind most internet-sharing apps prefer to work with individuals with speedy internet. 

  • Suitable Application 

Many applications out there impersonate legitimate applications and can steal your personal information. Apps that mine data may end up slowing down your internet connection. Be sure to choose an application from a trustworthy provider you can rely on.  

  • Internet-Enabled Device 

Depending on the compatibility of the app you decide to run, you’ll need an Android, Windows, Linux, iOS, or macOS device that can connect to the internet to run it. Checking whether or not your device is compatible is a must. Otherwise, you might be unable to share your bandwidth.

TOP 10 Best Apps for Selling Your Internet Data

Selling bandwidth via the top apps can protect you from compromising your data integrity and allow you to earn a passive income. Download a suitable app from Microsoft Store, App Store, or Google Play Store. Here are examples of the top bandwidth-sharing apps:

1) is one of the top apps for sharing your internet broadband. It’s a legit app that was initially called IPRoyal Pawns. This get-paid-to (GPT) application allows you to share your internet and earn money entirely passively. You can download and install on your Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, CLI, and Docker devices. It has a simple setup process that you must follow to finish setting things up. The application pays $0.20 per GB of data. If you let it run for additional hours, you’ll earn an additional $0.20 per each GB of data you share.

You can only install on one device per network. Therefore, you can’t have it on your smartphone, tablet, and laptop at the same time. Once your account reaches $5, you can withdraw it via PayPal, Bitcoin, or online gift cards from Visa, Amazon, and Google Play. Depending on your speed and location, you can look forward to making around $5 to $140 in monthly earnings. Luckily, anyone of legal age can join regardless of their location through their straightforward sign-up process.


  • Relatively safe
  • Has a high pay rate
  • Usable on mobile
  • Available globally


  • It can slow down your internet
  • Support can be slow

This video introduces you to and how it works:

2) Repocket

Repocket is another worthy platform that can help you earn a passive income. Like above, it’s a legitimate app you can rely on. You can install it on iOS, Windows, Android, macOS, Docker, or Linux devices, making it very versatile.

Repocket sells bandwidth to allow other individuals to use the internet for activities like competitor research, monitoring stock pricing, and searching Google. The application collects your city, IP address, and ISP address. It pays $0.20 per GB based on your location. However, it allows you to earn on two connected devices. You can withdraw your funds via PayPal once it reaches $20.

Repocket pays a $5 sign-up bonus. You can join Repocket from anywhere in the world except if you live in Syria, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea. Only individuals above 18 years old can sign up to sell internet data on Repocket.


  • Available worldwide (minus a few countries)
  • Payment via PayPal
  • Works on multiple devices


  • High payout threshold
  • Allows only two devices

3) PacketStream

PacketStream is one of the most popular applications for selling internet data for money. It can help its clients to bypass restrictions of content based on location. The company hosts at least 7 million residential IP addresses and has served over 5,000 clients.

The sign-up process involves providing your email, username, and password. Unlike, which works on mobile devices, PacketStream is only compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux (must have Docker). After installing the app, you can run it to share internet data.

It pays $0.10 per GB of shared bandwidth. You can earn between $0 and $15 per month by sharing internet data on PacketStream. Unlimited internet can theoretically allow you to sell up to 50 GB of data to make $5. One downside to this bandwidth reseller is that they only have one cashout method, PayPal.

Although relatively safe, PacketStream can expose you to the potential risks of allowing others to access your internet. You could end up in court if the other person misuses your bandwidth. Some pay survey sites can also ban you from using PacketStream.


  • Low cash-out threshold
  • It has a referral program
  • Easy sign-up process


  • Low earning potential
  • Can have privacy concerns
  • High banning chance from GPT sites

4) Mysterium Network

You can sell your excess bandwidth on the Mysterium Network and earn some money. Instead of dollars, the platform pays in a cryptocurrency called Mysterium (MYST). It requires installing the platform on your device and letting it run continuously. The setup process also involves activating a crypto wallet. It’s here that your payment will go once you earn 5 MYST. But you do not have to wait for the platform to send funds to the wallet —you can withdraw the money manually yourself!

It’s unclear how much in dollars you’ll earn by selling bandwidth to this service. That’s because the value of cryptocurrencies like MYST varies with time. As a top seller that runs the program for 24 hours, you could easily make up to $100. However, you should realistically expect $25 to $30 monthly.


  • Automatic payment processing
  • Available worldwide
  • Low withdrawal threshold


  • No mobile support
  • A little difficult to set up

5) Honeygain

On the Honeygain platform, you can earn passive income for sharing internet data. After installation, run Honeygain on your device to start making money. It works on Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS devices. Installing it on various devices with a unique network allows you to maximize your earnings.

According to the Honeygain team, they guarantee your safety on the app since it only collects your device information (model, operating system, and IP address), network information, payment information, and email address. Participating in the Honeygain referral program can help you to earn 10% of your friends’ daily earnings.

There’s also a $5 sign-up bonus. Withdrawing your earnings via PayPal is possible once your balance hits $20. If you prefer cryptocurrency, Honeygain can pay you via JumpToken (JMPT), which is convertible to fiat currency or Bitcoin. On Honeygain, you’ll earn $1 per GB of shared internet data.


  • Payment through PayPal or crypto
  • Available worldwide
  • Offers a decent sign-up bonus
  • Can work on multiple devices


  • High payout threshold
  • PayPal charges withdrawal fees

6) EarnApp

There are many applications online to sell your unused bandwidth, but EarnApp frequently ranks among the top 10 for doing so. Once you install EarnApp on your device, you can activate it and start earning a passive income. It works on Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux devices. You can enable auto-start for the app to launch automatically upon booting. 

EarnApp pays a different per-gigabyte rate based on your location. You can invite a friend or family member through its referral program and earn a 10% commission. The minimum withdrawable amount on PayPal is $2.5, which helps you avoid waiting too long to cash out your earnings. If you go for an Amazon gift card, you’ll need a balance of at least $50. 


  • PayPal withdrawal
  • Available globally
  • Low withdrawal threshold


  • Difficult to set up
  • Low rewards

7) Peer2Profit

This platform sells the unused bandwidth of individuals to companies involved in data collection and social media marketing services. You can use it on any Windows, Ubuntu, or Linux computer. Besides earning money through sharing internet data on this app, you can refer your friends and family members and earn a 50% commission. It supports various payout methods like Qiwi, Yoomoney, Webmoney, Payeer, and Debit Cards. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, and Litecoin are available if you prefer cryptocurrency.

With Peer2Profit, you can withdraw as little as $1. However, this may change with the payout method. Given that you’ll earn $0.8 per GB of shared data, you should quickly reach the payout threshold. You can enroll in the app if you are 18 or older and have high-speed internet. 


  • Its earning rate is higher
  • Many payout methods
  • Lower withdrawal threshold
  • Available worldwide


  • Not supported in iOS and macOS

8) TraffMonetizer

TraffMonetizer is one of the top apps for sharing excess internet data and earning an income in the process. After registering, download and install the app. Besides providing your name and email, you’ll have to create a password for your account.

The application requires you to enter a token to start earning. Once it starts running on your device, you can check its status on the taskbar. It pays $0.1 per GB of internet data. Introducing other people via its referral program can earn you a 10% commission.

You can cash out once you reach at least $10, and you can do so via PayPal, Payoneer, Payeer, Skrill, Wire Transfer, and Bitcoin. For Wire Transfer, your balance should be at least $1,000. 


  • Available worldwide
  • Allows several withdrawal methods
  • Has a referral program


  • Its withdrawal threshold is high

9) ProxyRack

On ProxyRack, you can sell your excess internet data via their peer program and make some extra bucks. It involves installing the application on your computer. After activation, it allows you to track how much of your bandwidth you are sharing and your earnings from it.

As a ProxyRack peer, you give other users the freedom to use your IP address to access the internet. However, be mindful that doing so may expose you to possible security lapses. If any of these internet users engage in something illegal, the blame will be on you.

ProxyRack pays $0.50 per GB of data shared on the platform. Once your earnings have accumulated substantially, you can withdraw via PayPal. The minimum withdrawable amount is $5. 


  • Easy sign-up process
  • High payout rate
  • PayPal withdrawal


  • It may expose you to security issues

10) Income

The Income app welcomes individuals from more than 150 countries to share internet data with others through it. After installation, you can use the software in the background and still maintain a high internet speed.

Depending on location, it pays $0.20 to $0,70 per GB of shared data. You can easily earn $5 to $60 monthly. The referral program pays a 25% commission. Once your balance hits $5, you can withdraw it via PayPal. The platform doesn’t allow other withdrawal methods.


  • Available worldwide
  • High payout rate
  • It doesn’t reduce internet speed


  • Only one withdrawal method

In a Nutshell: Do Apps Really Pay You for Your Data?

Yes, absolutely! All the apps listed above pay individuals varying amounts of money just for sharing internet data. Now that you know how to sell internet data, it’s time to go out and make your pick to create your own passive income stream through one or more of these. is among the top-performing applications listed here that will pay you good money for your bandwidth. All you have to do is sign, and you’ll be one click away from effortlessly renting your excess internet to other individuals and businesses.


How Does Selling Internet Data Work, and How Can I Earn Money From It?

Selling internet data works by downloading and installing an application that allows you to do so. You can then activate the application and allow it to run on your device as you use the internet. This way, you’ll share your bandwidth with others while the app runs in the background. Individuals and businesses worldwide will access and use your bandwidth for their needs. The applications pay a fixed rate for each 1 GB of data shared. Your earnings will accumulate to a minimum, which you can then withdraw and use.

Are There Any Privacy or Security Concerns When Selling Internet Data Through These Apps?

Yes, selling internet data through these apps comes with some privacy and security concerns. First, the apps may collect too much of your information and use it for other purposes. In addition, since various individuals will be using your IP to access the internet, they could put you in trouble with the law if they misuse it. You could be held liable when they access certain content or commit illegal activities while using your bandwidth.

Can You Earn Money by Sharing Internet Data on Android or iOS?

Yes, you can earn money by sharing internet data on Android and iOS. Many of the applications above work on both computers and mobile devices. All you need is to install the app on your device of choice and let it run. After activating it, you’ll earn money when you share your bandwidth.

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