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How to Make Money With WiFi

How to Make Money With WiFi
Donata Tamulionyte

Donata Tamulionyte

Last updated - February 7, 2024

Since you spent so much money setting up your WiFi, why not make money with it? This digital era has opened various online opportunities that can help you earn passively. But can anyone make WiFi money? What is WiFi money? If you have these questions and more about this topic, this article is for you. You’ll learn everything you need to know about WiFi money, including the best strategies to maximize your earnings. Let’s dive in.

What Is WiFi Money?

WiFi money is the amount you make online through digital businesses without relying on a physical storefront. Ideally, you earn WiFi money while seated in the comfort of your home. So, any profit you make through the internet with various business models is known as WiFi money.

With technology advancing daily, making money online from whichever location you are in is now possible. But how do you make WiFi money? There are so many online opportunities that you can easily access with little or no capital at all. For you to earn online, it’s not necessary to invest a big chunk of your savings; it’s more about maximizing your skills.

The internet is one of the best income sources as it offers flexibility and countless possibilities. With the correct strategies and seriousness, you can generate thousands of dollars through a WiFi connection. Besides, many people are using the internet in this digital era. This point guarantees that if you take things seriously, you’ll make money.

How to Make WiFi Money

Before looking at how to make WiFi money, you must remember that all businesses, whether online or offline, require time and effort to set up and scale. Business is not a get-rich-quick model; it’s a long-term investment.

To make money with WiFi, you must have or start an online venture. Here is a quick guide: 

  • Choose a WiFi money model such as dropshipping, affiliate marketing, and others discussed below.
  • Build your money-making platform.
  • Decide on the traffic sources.
  • Build a brand.
  • Sell someone else’s products or your own. 

There are different WiFi money models that you can use. We’ll discuss the major ones below.

Types of WiFi Money Business Models

As mentioned earlier, there are various WiFi money models that you can choose from. Here is a roundup overview of the best ways to earn money online.

Take Advantage of Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money with WiFi without investing effort or too much time. It’s a broad business model where your marketing efforts get paid for every visitor or customer you channel to a company’s website or store. As an affiliate, you’re given a unique URL link that you can use to promote services or products.

If a customer buys the product through your affiliate link, the merchant will pay you in commission. Generally, the purpose of affiliates is to drive traffic to a company’s website and generate more sales. Earning as an affiliate becomes easy if you have special skills such as social media marketing, email marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Why choose affiliate marketing? It assists businesses in reaching more customers and marketing their products, thus increasing sales. Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn extra income and get paid in commissions. All you need to do is to promote services and products that are in demand and meet your target audience’s needs.

Be a Social Media Mogul

Social media accounts are popular ways to make money with WiFi. Social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook are birthing influencers left and right. If you have a massive following on such outlets, it means people are already interested in what you’re offering. So, whichever brand you post about, they will surely be curious about it.

Take advantage of your popularity and become an affiliate marketer. As described earlier, you’re bound to earn through commissions. So, why not market and promote what you love to make money?

With social media accounts, you can also earn through sponsored posts and product sales or social media services. Don’t let that loyal following go to waste; maximize your earnings through it. If you’re out of ideas, how about starting a social media marketing agency?

Earn Through Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a business model where a store sells products to customers without holding onto inventory. It simply means a retailer who has no goods in stock acts as a middle-person between the customer and a third-party supplier who ships the products directly to the customer. The retailer’s purpose is to source customers and sell products for a profit.

So, if you don’t want to deal with shipping, product development, and more, dropshipping will work best for you. That’s true; you only choose the product, determine the pricing, advertise it, and let the third-party supplier handle the rest.

This is what happens in a dropshipping business: a customer will visit your website and order a product. Say it’s worth $30. You then forward a request to your third-party supplier for order fulfillment. The supplier handles everything after that. So, if the supplier sold the product at $15 (wholesale price), you’ll pay the supplier $15 and keep the remaining $15. If ads led the customer to your store, you might have paid $5 for it, leaving you with $10 in profit.

E-commerce platforms such as Amazon have dropshipping business models where merchants can offer products to customers. When a customer buys a product, Amazon handles the shipping, while retailers get a commission from each sale.

Make Money Through Ads

Displaying ads on your blog or website is another way to earn WiFi money. It’s one of the best ways to monetize a blog or website. You can run video ads, native ads, pop-under and pop-up ads, banner ads, and interstitial ads. You get paid for all ads showing on your site.

How do you get companies to place ads on your site? Companies such as Google Adsense, Ezoic, Mediavine, and AdThrive provide display ads on sites. However, each site has to meet specific requirements before the ads can appear.

To display ads on your site, you must first sign up with any of these companies. They will check if your website qualifies. If it does, you get a code that you’ll add to your website. You will now be able to control and select the types of ads you want on your site. If all goes right, you get paid in commission depending on the terms of the ad provider.

Sell Online Courses and Educate the World

This is the best way to earn if you’re an expert in a specific topic. You can make money by providing valuable information and insights to people about what you know best. For instance, if you are a freelancer, create a beginner-friendly online course on becoming one. The course should be complete, fact-checked, and data-backed. It must describe the ups and downs of freelancing. Include everything that comes to your mind as you think of your career.

After you’ve completed your course, start selling it online. Here are the best ways to market it: 

  • Set a fixed price for your course: You can sell your courses at a specific price favorable to your audience. Udemy is a great place to start.
  • Offer subscription-based courses: You can set a recurring fee where students pay to access the material. It could be monthly, bimonthly, or yearly. This is a good option if you keep updating or adding new content to your course.
  • Use the freemium model: This is a good option, especially if your focus is on audience growth. First, offer some free classes for your course. Then, you can add an upgrade alternative with advanced features or information.  

The bottom line is the pricing model you choose doesn’t have a great effect if you don’t market your course. Once you have got a larger audience, you’ll be earning full-time. That’s why online courses are a long-term money-making strategy.

Create and Sell Digital Products

Selling digital products is also another easy way to make money with WiFi. This is your option if you’re an artist or have some technical skills. Digital products are those that people can access electronically. They include stock photos, tutorials, artwork, e-books, printables, and more. These are items with a well-established audience, and this is one market where you can easily succeed even as a beginner.

Platforms such as Etsy, Amazon, and Udemy allow selling digital products and services. Interestingly, with this option, you only have to create your product once to sell it as many times as you want. For instance, an e-book will generate income daily, especially if it attracts a large audience. Apart from the mentioned platforms, you can also sell your digital products on your website and social media.

Earn Through a Blog

You may have heard about blogging but don’t know how to maximize your earnings through it. Well, a blog is like an online property with numerous benefits. It is amongst the best money-making strategies in this digital era. A blog is very flexible, and it supports all types of businesses.

What’s more, you can use all the online business models mentioned above to maximize your earnings from the blog. It’s even more worth it if you have specialized in a specific niche because you’ll be able to reach your target audience easily. You can use it for e-commerce, affiliate marketing, displaying advertisements, selling online courses, and more.

Additionally, you can also earn through sponsored posts. This is where a company pays you to curate an article. Brands will do this if they find your content helpful to their products and services. You get paid depending on your agreement regarding word count, article length, and other factors.

Maximizing Earnings: Tips and Strategies for Making Money With WiFi

Isn’t it refreshing to understand the types of business models that can earn you money through WiFi? Here are some tips you can use to succeed in your venture.

Identify the Best Business Model for You

From the list above, you may find which model works best for you. If you are a social media influencer with a huge following on Instagram or TikTok, you can earn through sponsorship deals. Here, brands pay you to market their products or services. If you’re into affiliate marketing, you can maximize the use of those platforms.

Use Appropriate Marketing Strategies

The marketing strategies you use depend on the business model you choose. Marketing is vital for any business to succeed, and an online business is no exception. For people to purchase your products, they must have found it somewhere, through the paid ads or your blog. So, focus on marketing to create a large audience, especially if you’re a novice.

Create Content That Sells

You won’t attract a large audience if you don’t know how to convince a buyer. Writing incredible copy is a good marketing strategy. The text should be persuasive, evoke user emotions, and compel buyers to take action. If you can’t create such articles, find a copywriter through freelancing platforms to do it for you. The content should provide solutions to what consumers need.

Great content is also a must-have if you’re into dropshipping and affiliate marketing. It will increase your chances of converting a browsing visitor into a buyer.

Final Thoughts

In this digital era, you can easily make money with WiFi through dropshipping, affiliate marketing, selling digital products, creating online courses, and blogging. These strategies need little to no investment to start. You can rely on them as long-term strategies to earn passively. However, determiners of success include patience and persistence. So, don’t waste an opportunity of earning with your WiFi connection. Maximize the use of your blog and social media platforms to make money today. If you don’t have the financial resources to begin, paid surveys can start you on your journey.


How does provide an opportunity to monetize WiFi connections? gives anyone an opportunity to monetize their WiFi connection. The platform allows users to earn by sharing their internet bandwidth. Through this app, you get paid $0.02 per GB of shared internet bandwidth. Expect to earn anywhere from $5 to $96 monthly by sharing your internet bandwidth.

What are the benefits of sharing WiFi, and how can it help in earning money?

Sharing WiFi has lots of online and physical benefits. Since the article has explained how you can make money with WiFi, let’s now discuss how you’ll benefit by sharing WiFi and how it helps you earn money. 

  • Use WiFi to collect data: If you’re running a business, say a hotel business, and you’re offering free WiFi to your customers, have them complete a survey about your business and customer services. Ensure it’s short and to the point. The answers will help you improve your business.
  • Use shared WiFi as a perk: You can offer WiFi to customers to drive them to your business. People are always seeking complimentary items, and a free internet connection is attractive, especially if you run a coffee shop.
  • Use the shared WiFi connection to dispense offers: Did you know that you can disseminate coupons and messages to people connected to your WiFi? Those who get promotional offers while shopping at your establishment will spend more. 

Can I refer friends or family members to or similar platforms to earn additional rewards or incentives?

Yes, you can refer anyone you know to or such platforms to earn additional rewards or incentives. has a free referral program that works with a link. Anyone who joins through your link gets a $1 bonus. You also earn $1 when they withdraw their earnings for the first time. Additionally, for every payout they make, you get paid 10% of the amount!

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